Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions regarding DDP

Why choose WPSCRIPT

We believe in the open source community and believe that WordPress should be available to all. Unfortunately, premium plugin and theme and Scripts and videos/images authors refuse to decouple support from the code, they won’t set regional price differences and they rarely offer discounts to students, low waged or the young. We are providing a third way by redistributing the code without any unneeded extras.

Can I request new products?

Yes everyone, or every user who is subscribed to our membership can request unlimited products per month. Though the fulfillment of the product depends solely on the discretion of GPL Times and other factors like license of the product (GPL or non-GPL – we will not entertain any non-GPL product requests), the price of the product, usage of the product on lifetime license, etc.

How many sites can I use the plugin or theme or scripts and videos/images on?

As many as you like. The plugins and themes and scripts and videos/images are GPL licensed so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like.

How can you offer the products at such low prices?

All WordPress items and scripts and videos/images such as plugins and themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). This means that once we have purchased the item we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so. Your membership to our site goes towards maintaining and buying the subscriptions to 3rd party theme and plugin authors. This form of crowdfunding helps keep prices low and we can then pass this benefit on to you. Our ‘about us’ page explains things in more detail.

Can I get return my money?

Yes off course we can return your money 24 hours money back Guarantee if you don't like our offer.

How do I registered on WP SCRIPT Digital Shop?

It is always free to registration with WP SCRIPT Digital Shop, simply click “Menu MAN ICON” and then Click "Don't have an account yet?" and you will show the registration form fill in all the details. Once you create your account, please verify your email and proceed with the completion of your memberships which one you like it.If you can't find any registration form "KINDLY CLICK THE BELOW LINK "

How do I buy memberships packages?

First create your account and verify your email then go to membership section or or VIP Access then select membership package which one you need as your requirement, If you want to go direct the membership page click the below link

If I buy a item, can I get back my money?

Sorry No we can't return a single item money, Our products 100% secure and genius items, if you have any issues our developers will help you to solve the issues, We only return money for VIP Membership Users. Thank You

How to contact WP SCRIPT Digital Shop?

WP SCRIPT Digital Shop support you 24/7, just click the footer section contact us button and file your requirement or issues and wait for 5 hours, if you can't get reply then direct send email to our customer support ( )

How to get Coupons Code?

We offers Coupons Codes only those customers who buy 7 Items and want to buy more items then we provide him a discount coupons code and he will get 40 (%) percent discount for each item. then he will enjoy for lifetime access that coupons codes and he is the owner of that coupons code.