Advanced WooCommerce Reporting v5.6

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Progressed WOOCOMMERCE REPORTING SYSTEM PLUGIN WooCommerce Advance Reporting System module is a far reaching and the most complete evea...


WooCommerce Advance Reporting System module is a far reaching and the most complete evealing framework which shows you a total report of Recent Orders, Sales Order Summary, Top Product sees, Coupons, Order statu, Stock, Shipping, Tax, Categories and … in a simple way. You can channel your nitty gritty reports by dates and other related choices. 

Additionally we have made a segment which you can set your idealmonth to month deal sum (called Projected Sale) and afterward see a report of Projectd Vs Actual Sale for every long stretch of year. 

Key Features 

Clean Design 

Responsive Layout – Latest adaptation of Bootstrap 

Viable with last form of wordpress 

Simple to Use UI 


Visual Reports : Pie outline and Bar diagram for show the reports 

Search From : There is independent quest structure for each report page. 

Information Grid : The query output (reports) will be shown as network format with certain choices : 

Number of Rows : You can set number of lines. 

Fare Date : here are 3 sorts of fare for every framework : Export to CSV, Excel and PDF in addition to duplicate option(Html5 Supported). 

Show/Hide Columns : You can show/conceal network segments. 

Incredible Dashboard with Many Useful Summarize Reports. 

Progressed Reports : 

All Orders : Gerate an ideal reports from orders with numerous subtleties : Order name, Status, Gross sum, Net Amount, Shipping sum, Tax and … 

Item Report : Display item subtleties, for example, : Product name, classification, Sale Qty and … 

Class Report : Display classification subtleties, for example, : Category name, Amount and … 

Nation and State Report : Generate report for nations and states with request detail of each. 

Assessment and Refund Report : Reach to valuable reports with no figurings, just with a single CLICK! 

Provision : If you need to build your deal, you ought to characterize a few targets and attempt to contact them. We give a seriousreport to this reason, you can contrast the current real deals and your objective and find the new arrangement for increment the deals! 

also, more … 

Receipt in "All Orders" report 

Send reports through Email in plan time 

Viable with some Plugins and Extra additional items : 

Custom Taxonomy and Fields Add On : Click Here for more data. 

Add another report 

All request report dependent on Brand : Compatible with famous brand module – WooCommerce Brands 

All request report dependent on sort and Taxonomies 

Add Woocommerce Custom Fields to "All Order" report 

Add Woocommerce Product Custom Fields to "Item" report 

Viable with Product Add-Ons 

Viable with Gavity Forms Product Add-ons 

Brand Report 

Set Label For each Field 

Set custom fields administrator in structure 

CrossTab Add-On : The Crostab reports are significant reports which give various reports base on bunch view(Month, Country, State, Gateway and Order Status). 

This Useful Addon will promotion the accompanying reports to Advanced WooCommerce Reporting Plugin. 






Installment Gateway/Month 

Request Status/Month 

Variety Add-On : The variety reports ar the main report for each (shop administrator), you can produce incredible reports for variety with WooCommerce Reporting module. 

CrossTab Add-On + Variation Add-On Bundle: The Crosstab reports + The variety reports 

Progressed Permission Add On : Click Here for more data. 

Set Permission for menus and Reports 

Set things for arrange and custom scientific classifications 

Set authorization for dashboard things 

Set Permission to job and client 

Remain solitary Reports : If you need to utilize eport as an independent framework so that after login to administrator, the client simply admittance to Woo Reporting module, ou can use from "woo_report_role" job. You can set it to client and for this situation client simply admittance to reports(dashboard).

Progressed ooCommerce Order Status Plugin : Advanced WooCommerce Order Status and Action Manager + Colorize separating on Order List 

Viable with Cost of Goods Plugins : 

WooCommerce Cost of Goods by Woothemes 

WooCommerce Profit of Sales Report by IndoWebKreasi 

Viable with well known Invoice Plugins : 

WooCommerce PDF Invoices 

WooCommerce PDF Invoices by Woothemes 

Viable with well known Brand Plugins : It's conceivable through Brand Plugins Report Add-on 

WooCommerce Brands by Proword 

WooCommerce Brands By Woothemes

Extreme WooCommerce Brands Plugin 

Yith Woocommerce Brand Add-on 

Viable with WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin : It's conceivable through Extra Product Options Addon 

Viable with Business Intelligence Add-on Plugin 

Form 5.7 Release Date 10.27.2020 

Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.6.x 

Fixed: Delivery Date Value 

Fixed: Some Functionality issues 

Form 5.6 Release Date 08.13.2020 

Fixed : Compatible with Wordpress 5.5.x 

Fixed : Duplicate the location all together Billing Report 

Fixed : Some Functionality issues 

Form 5.5 Release Date 05.02.2020 

Fixed : Purchased Product Qty Export issue 

Fixed : Cross Tab Reports Qty Sql 

Fixed : Unformated Email 

Added : Email Optimization 

Added : Translate document for FR by Mr.C.Ferrandon 

Form 5.4 Release Date 04.29.2020 

Fixed: Some Functionality issues 

Variant 5.3 Release Date 07.29.2019 

Fixed : Purchase Product Qty Sql

Fixed : Ajax mistake in "All Orders" report 

Fixed : Fixed some usefulness issues 

Form 5.2 Release Date 06.17.2019 

Fixed : Fixed some usefulness issues 

Fixed : Fixed some counter-intuitive issues 

Form 5.1 Release Date 05.14.2019 

Fixed : Tax Reports issue 

Fixed : Some of Accounting esteem 

Fixed : Fixed some usefulness issues 

Variant 5.0 Release Date 04.24.2019 

Fixed : SQL Error in Email 

Form 4.9 Release Date 04.01.2019 

Added : All Orders per Billing

Added : Compatible with Order Delivery Date 

Added : Product Qty 

Added : Variation Qty 

Added : Add Custom Taxonomy in Variation Reports 

Added : Add Shipping Column in Basic Mode for All Orders 

Fixed : Analysis Simple Products Issue 

Fixed : Analysis Variation Products Issue 

Fixed : Tax Reports Total Number Issue 

Fixed : Customer Analysis 

Form 4.8 Release Date 08.11.2018

Fixed : Charts not Working in Dashboard 

Form 4.7 Release Date 07.12.2018

Fixed : Datepicker in Safari 

Fixed : Business Intelligence Reports Add-on issues 

Form 4.6 Release Date 06.03.2018 

Added : Compatibile with WooCommerce 3.3.X and WordPress 4.9.5 

Form 4.5 Release Date 01.30.201

Update : Compatible with Business Intelligence Reports Add-on 

Update : Add Brands Column to Variation Report 

Form 4.4 Release Date 11.29.2017 

Fixed : Price Column in Excel Export 

Fixed : Didplay SKU for certain items 

Update : Compatible with new form of CrossTavs Add-on 

Rendition 4.3 Release Date 10.30.2017 

Adde : Footer text hotel receipt Pdf 

Fixed : Gross Amount in All Orders report

Fixed : Profit report issue 

Fixed : Display Products in Invoice Pdf 

Fixed : Compatible with PHP 7.1 

Fixed : Compatible with PHP 5.3 

Rendition 4.2 Release Date 10.25.2017 

Fixed : Some issue with Custom Taxonomy and Fields Add On 

Fixed : Gross sum and Partial Refund in "All Orders" report 

Rendition 4.1 Release Date 10.19.2017 

Fixed : Visible on dashboard menu 

Fixed : SKU segment in All Orders 

Fixed : http mistake for amchart 

Rendition 4.0 Release Date 10.17.2017

Added : Compatible with Cost of Goods Plugins 

Added : Compatible with famous Invoice Plugins 

Added : Invoice in "All Orders" report

Added : "All Orders" per Country 

Added : Send reports through Email in plan time 

Added : New reports : Analysis Products, Stock Reports, Customer Analysis and … 

Added : Cost of Good Reports 

Added : Total column for the majority of reports 

Added : RTL Support 

Added : Favorite Menu 

Update : UI 

Update : Ajax structur

Variant 3.3 Release Date 09.18.2017 

Update : Compatible with PHP7.1

Fixed: Blank Page issue 

Variant 3.2 Release Date 04.13.2017 

Redesign : Compatible with Woocommerce 3.0> 

Redesign : Ajax structure 

Form 3.1 Release Date 12.07.201

Fixed : Chart symbols broken in dashboard 

Fixed : Not show up certain sections in outline 

Fixed : Stock List report for 0 stock 

Fixed : Currency Columns Order 

Fixed : Coupon Amount in coupon report 

Form 3.0 Release Date 05.10.2016

Added : Dashborad Setting 

Added : Enable/Disable Dashboard 

Added : Set Alternative Page Instead Dashboard Page 

Added : Set Date Range for Dashboard 

Added : Show/Hide Map and Charts of dashboard 

Added : DashboardNotify : Last information on Woo Reporting Plugin 

Redesign : Compatible with additional items : CrossTab, Variation, Taxonomy and Custom Fields, Permission and Order Status 

Form 2.2 Release Date 01.21.2016 

Fixed : Dashborad issues

Fixed : Date picker Range 

Fixed : Map issue 

Fixed : Target Sale Issue 

Fixed : Monthly Summary Issue 

Fixed : Charts jQuery issues 

Fixed : Coupon Report Permission 

Rendition 2.1 Release Date 01.07.2016 

Added : Add-on framework 

Added : Purchase code check framework 

Added : Map (Order View Based on Countries and States) 

Updated : Charts in Dashboard 

Variant 2.0 Release Date 12.31.2015 

Updated : Completely Change the Plugin Structure 

Variant 1.1 Release Date 07.25.2015 

Added : WooCommerce Custom Order Status and Actions combination 

Added : WPML viable translatability 

Fixed: Disappearing trade button at times 

Fixed: Incompatibility with non-dollar monetary standards

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