Amelia v2.3 - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking

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Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin 

(124)4.77 stars 1,975 Sales 

Thing DetailsReviewsCommentsSupport 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item available to be purchased

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Ameli is a cutting edge Appointment Booking WordPress module worked with the most current innovation by an honor winning group. 

For every one of ourclients pondering about the exorbitant cost, and for all clients with terminating support: it would be ideal if you contact us so we cold furnish you with itemized answers and data, and recommend presently accessible arrangements and extraordinary offers. 

Amelia is your robotized booking expert, working all day, every day to ensure your clients can make arrangements even while you rest. 

It is an exhaustive booking programming, supporting: 

Make custom occasions (classes, gatherings, gathrings, and so forth) and permit your clients book their participation through a nice&polished front-end occasion schedule. (New!) 

Keep your clients and representatives informed and helped to remember their arrangements in realtime with SMS warnings. (New!) 

Numerous representatives with custom working hours and days off. 

Extraordinary Days uphold – arrange explicit dates or date ranges with an alternate timetable. (New!) 

2-Way Google Calendar Integration for every representative. 

WooCommerce reconciliation. 

Different administrations and administration classes, Service Extras. 

Numerous business areas. 

Charts and graphs for business execution KPIs. 

Also, some more (see highlight list). 

Front-end demo | Back-end demo (administrator/administrator) 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 1 Amelia - nterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 2 Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 3 Ameli - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 4 Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 5 

Where would i be able to see the element list? 

Highlight rundown can be found here. It's not 10% complete, but rather covers every significant element. Definite documentation, instructional exercises, demos can be found onthe module's site. A demo (counterfeit Gym site) can be found here. A back-end "sandbox" demo is arriving in a couple of days. 

Will Amelia be a counterpart for my business? 

Amelia is ideal for any business that depends on planning and booking arrangements ahead of time. Between others: 

Spa salons. 

Magnificence and stylist salons. 

Private picture takers and wedding picture takers. 

Private local area experts. 

Private centers, dental specialists, other medical care organizations. 

Law and business advisors. 

Individual life and business mentors.

The travel industry. 

Fix and administration focuses. 

Private therapists. 


Web Cafes. 

Furthermore, numerous others… 

Is it muddled to set up and use? 

Not in the least! Introducing and desiging are paltry. Each backend page incorporates tooltips and has a connect to related documentation pages in the base part. 

We attempte to make the documentation as point by point as conceivable to make your onboarding experience smooth – see with your own eyes!

Search-like booking interface 

As emonstrated by many significant booking sites, it's extremely helpful for clients to pick a suitable space by entering at least onepursuit models in a channel interface – in the event that we accept a beautician salon for instance, one may pick a date and a specifc stylist and peruse through accessible time allotments. Amelia gives a shortcode which permits showing the pursuit interface in 2 ticks: 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 6 

Inventory see for classes and administrations 

In the event that you have Amelia introduced on your WP – you don't need t stress over battling through including a different WordPress page for each assistance class, each help, utilize extra modules foshowing pictures of an assistance, or sort out administrations in envelopes. Amelia gives an inherent interface, where with oe shortcode you can show all your administration classes on one page, or alternatively a solitary classification, or simply a solitary help. 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 7 

Bit by bit Booking Wizard 

Sometimes clients lean toward booking in a bit by bit way, where they initially pick anassistance and a worker, at that point a date, at that point a time allotment, and so forth Amelia delivers a bit by bit booking wizard a a perfect one-page application, which permits to switch between steps easily. Wizard is added to any page with a solitary shortcode. 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 8 

On location Payments Support 

On the off chance that you would prefer nt to try setting up outer installment frameworks, and pay exchange expenses, you can simply utilize the on location installments, hich implies that your clients will pay in real money when they show up. Installments information is still put away in the data set.

PayPal Payments Support 

Amelia actualizes uphold for the most well known installment framework on the planet – PayPl. Arrangement takes simply a few ticks, and you can utilize the Sandbox mode to attempt it before you dispatch it in Production mode. 

Stripe Payments Support 

Stripe installment framework turns out to be increasingly more well known around the world. Amelia has inherent help for this frameork too – and as everything else, design just pauses for a moment. Stripe permits demo mode before changing to creation mode. 

Educational back-end dashboard 

Amelia was worked with the attention on what's critical to all members of the booking cycle. The most significant is the etrepreneur. That is the reason the principle back-end page of the module is the Dashboard, which screens all business-basic KPIs in asolitary one-page control board, permitting the entrepreneurs and administrators to consistently monitor every single crucial boundary.

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 9 

Intuitive Calendar for Scheduling 

Timetable is in every case best envisioned on a schedule see. We endeavored to set up an entirely adatable and point by point schedule see, that can give you any degree of understanding that you need – all administrations and al workers, or simply specific ones; month to month, week after week, every day perspectives, or more explicit List and Timeline sees. 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 10 

Backing for Multiple Employees 

It does't make a difference if your business is a small time show, or you have 20 representatives – Amelia can uphold the two cases. Every rpresentative can give a specific arrangement of administrations, and had singular timetable, days off, working hours and breaks. 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 11 

Backing for Multiple Services and Categories 

Amelia gives an approach to arrange an inventory of aministrations and classifications (gatherings) of administrations – each assistance can have its own value, length, permit or refue bunch arrangements; it is conceivable to design cradle time previously (time expected to get ready for an arrangement) and cushion ime after (time required before same representative will have the option to acknowledge new clients, for example to rest or tidy up). 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 12

Backing for Appointment Extras (Bonuses) 

In the event that you might want to upsell a few exercises or items to your clients when they book arrangeents, you can undoubtedly do as such with Amelia. For example in case you're giving a guided visit and might want to sell likewise a diner during the visit, and a few polaroid photographs, and incorporate exhibition hall tickets – simply include these as Extras (Bonuses): 

Backing for Multiple Business Locations 

Amelia will uphold you as you develop your business and grow to different business areas. Every area can be added to the infrmation base, workers doled out to areas, and afterward your clients will have the option to furthermore pick an area while they book. 

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 13 

What's straightaway? 

We have a great deal of our thougts plans for Amelia module – anyway we would cherish it to carry most an incentive to the end clients, so we generally tune in to te input to make it as helpful as could be expected under the circumstances. In the event that you have a thought, proposal, or if Ameia is feeling the loss of a key component that you need – kindly decision in favor of an element or recommend your own thought here.


Adaptation 2.9.2 (Released 14.10.2020) 

A minor update with one new element, couple of upgrades and a few bug fixes: 

Highlight: Added Date Picker as a custom field 

Improvement: Added repeating first arrangement toward the front booking list 

Improvement: Added alternative in WooCommerce installment Settings to skip checkout measure if arrangement is free 

Included Tanzania +255 nation code

Included Polish interpretation 

Included Chinese interpretation 

Refreshed Finnish interpretation 

Included little changes in Dutch and French interpretations 

BugFix: Fixed CustomFields design in WebHooks 

BugFix: Fixed issu with booking shut occasion when participant opens occasion before it lapses yet finish the booking after the occasion has shut 

BugFix: Fixed issue with looking through client in include arrangement modular 

BugFix: Fixed issue with occasion time toward the front representative board 

BugFix: Fixed issue with reCAPTCHA and including participant 

BugFix: Fixed issue with different shortcodes on the page 

BugFix: Fixed issue with altering participant and sending warnings 

BugFix: Fixed issue with altering concealed assistance 

BugFix: Fixed issue with reCAPTCHA on the cell phones 

BugFix: Fixed issue with s

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