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Axioma | Responsive WP Theme for SEO and Web-design AgenciesAxioma is a Premium WordPress Theme that perfectly fits many portfolio website types, such as web-design or SEO agencies, interior or exterior gallery. Coul...

Axioma | Responsive WP Theme for SEO and Web-design Agencies

Axioma is a Premium WordPress Theme that perfectly fits many portfolio website types, such as web-design or SEO agencies, interior or exterior gallery. Could fit also finance, marketing or any other business type.

Theme Description

We are presenting to your attention the breakthrough in the world of web­development. You have never saw and felt this before! We have been working so hard to impress you and now it’s time! Please welcome, for the first time on a stage ­ Axioma !!!

It is fabulous, it breaks all limits, it erasers all stereotypes, it makes to let your will and imagination free! Just imagine ? now your website can fly. Axioma runs as a blink ? no too long loading, no too boring waiting, no too vain time wasting! Axioma is very flexible, dynamic and alive!

Axioma is ultra­premium, highly­responsive Wordpress Theme created for today websites. It is unbelievably universal and can be used in any sphere of life: business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc. This theme will be impressive and terrific face of your company, confident step starting your projects. Axioma opens boundless opportunities for you. It is great deal which guarantees you 100% of success.

Axioma presents Ultra Sharp Retina Graphics

We are keeping up with nowadays! Old school is not in trend anymore! Web­future comes with Retina Ready products, what Axioma is already adapted to. Axioma looks amazing on Retina­Displays. With ultra­sharp graphics included, our sweet theme looks good on any device!There is no limit for perfectness!

Axioma impresses you with fully responsiveness and highly customization. It is not so easy to surprise anybody with websites adaptation to the most devices, but we did it in combination of very clean and flexible design. No matter what, you will get perfect website looking on desktop screen, smartphones ­ and of course any Tablet or iPad. It looks beautiful on any device! Axioma is completely adapted to your touchable and mobile device: you touch ? you slide, you touch you scroll, you touch ? you open.

You do not need to split up your content into columns by shortcodes anymore. One of the brightest feature of this theme is Layout constructor. We designed the great tool to make it easy for you to arrange pages and posts layout by few mouse clicks only. You can easily create a schematic structure of pages and posts, define exact content layout how it looks on front­end and fill it with content needed, moreover make each element absolutely unique with terrific effects. Just imagine ? you can control each separate element.

Axioma presents back­end color pickers to change any element color. The theme includes 12 default color skins plus millions other color variations up to you. Moreover, one more gimmick named Skin Composer is created, which allows to edit already existed color skins, add new based on ready ones and create your own. The point is that each skin you modified can be saved and in case you need to get back to one from previously created just pick it to use.

Tons of styling options

Advanced Theme Options Panel makes each your individual need and wish come true: change font families, font sizes, play with colors for text, links, backgrounds, buttons, widgets, manage slider settings, control blog, gallery, portfolio pages options, create and set custom sidebars and many other interesting and useful stuff. It is so easy now!

Parallax Backgrounds

We implemented very original and popular feature in our Axioma theme ­ we added Parallax Backgrounds effect. It makes unforgettable your website look. It gives an impression that your website is alive, that it ca? move, can act, can breathe. Parallax scrolling effect helps you create that amazing website which you were dreaming of.

Unlimited Portfolios

Now you can add as many galleries and portfolios as you need, we are getting rid of any limits and do our best for you. Our theme allows to add video to your portfolio pages


Axioma is gonna to surprise you! Axioma works with the strongest Layer Slider plugin with the famous Parallax Effect and optional 3D Transitions! You can use Layer Slider to create a breathtaking image slideshow, banner rotator or content slider to your site! Wonderful Flex Slider is built­in the theme. Adding a slideshow has never been so simple and pleasure. It is rich for options and settings, so you’ll like it.

Visual Shortcodes

Our shortcodes help you to build and construct pages with no hard coding. They make your website pages alive, cheery and bright. Theme includes more than 35 shortcode elements. You’ll enjoy it!

Font based icons

Font Awesome Icon Set is built­in and greatly works with our theme. The icons can be easily inserted with shortcodes. Just click the shortcode button, choose appropriate one among all presented and make all settings available and that’s it!

SEO options are already built in the theme. It does not require to install any plugins and additional applications, simply fill in all fields needed and that’s it! You’ll get NewsPlus NewsLetter Plugin for free buying this theme ;) NewsPlus WordPress NewsLetter Plugin is great mail subscription and newsletter service, which always keeps your users informed about latest news and events. It is easy in use, nice looking in design and functional in work. Everything is ready for work ? no more long settings, go ahead and keep up your subscribers with newest tidings ever!

Attention! No longer need to export/import .xml files, no more trivial round to install demo content, no more mess and fails. The fat feature of Axioma is one-click-demo-install. If you like this theme a lot, if it totally fits your corporate design, sure you need to structure your own website layout and content exactly as demo version shows. One click ? full website content: pages, posts, shortcode elements, slider.

*all images are watermarke

To make everything clear for you we provide with detailed documentation and video instructions which are so easy to follow and figure out, you will see how easy is to work with our Axioma.


Please note, we discontinued technical support for this item. That means, we’re not providing with any guidance, tips or recommendations for the issues you might stuck.

In case you are not able to solve the issue yourself, we’d recommend you asking help from third party developers.

Despite the fact of discontinuing our support we can guarantee the following: As long as it’s available for sale on Themeforest, the theme is functioning well as per all conditions on this item description page.

In case you believe there is a bug or miss-functioning of any theme feature you can submit your request with detailed description here via suggestion form, and we’ll add it to our TODO list. Next theme release will most likely contain a fix.

Thanks for understandings and sorry for inconveniences!

Short Theme Features:

  • Latest WordPress ready
  • Extended Theme Options Panel
  • 2 Amazing responsive sliders (with video support)
  • 4 Premium Plugins Already Included (Layer Slider plugin, TM Visual Shortcodes plugin, TM NewsPlus newsletter plugin, TM Layout Constructor plugin)
  • Over 35 visual shortcodes
  • 5 Post types for blog (Default, Video, Audio, Quote, Gallery)
  • Custom Page Options per page individually
  • 10 Custom Widgets (Contact Form, Contact Info, Facebook Like Box, Flickr Feed, Google Map, Latest Tweets, Recent Posts, Recent Projects, Social Links, Testimonials)
  • Many Styling Options via ThemeOptions panel
  • Unlimited Slider Groups
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • SEO Tools module inside
  • Google fonts api (570+ font families)
  • Amazing CSS3 Effects
  • Skeleton CSS framework usage
  • CSS Improved and touch enabled Multilevel Drop-down Menus
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility IE 8+, FF 3+, Opera, Chrome, Safari (Notice: Use IE 10 browser from IE browsers family to get the fullyfunctional css effects ;) )
  • Blog Listing Page/Alternate Page/Fullwidth Page
  • Beautiful 404 Error Page
  • Absolutelly Customized Page Title Areas per page
  • Unlimited Sortable(optionally) Portfolio Pages (with sidebar / withour sidebar)
  • Massonry Portfolio Pages
  • Responsive layout
  • Contact Form Constructor
  • Integrated Facebook Comments
  • Layout Constructor (test editor inside with full shortcode list)
  • Layered PSD’s are included for easy modification and customisation
  • Localization Ready! (.po file)
  • Amazing One Click Demo Install (you get full copy of demo just in 5 minutes!)
  • Extended Video Documentation Included

What Our Customers Say



All media files used in this theme demo preview are only for demonstration purposes and are not included to the main theme package which you purchase. Here is the list of authors and their work used in this theme:

baticka, PBNJ Mobile, Mike | Creative Mints, Ryan Putnam, Artua Design Agency, Riccardo Carlet, Julian Burford, Justin Mezzell, Javier Lopez, Flavio Montiel

All other images are taken from:

Axioma intrigues you with completely responsiveness and exceptionally customization. It isn't so natural to astound anyone with sites transformation to the most gadgets, however we did it in blend of exceptionally spotless and adaptable plan. Regardless,you will get amazing site looking on work area screen, cell phones ­ and obviously any Tablet or iPad. It looks excellent on any gadget!Axioma is totally adjusted to your accessible and cell phone: you contact ? you slide, you contact you scroll, you contact ? you open.

You don't have to separate your substance into sections by shortcodes any longe. One of the most brilliant element of this subject is Layout constructor. We planned the extraordinary device to make it simple for yu to orchestrate pages and posts design by not many mouse clicks as it were. You can without much of a stretch make a schematic costruction of pages and posts, characterize precise substance design what it looks like on front­end and fill it with content required, bsides make every component totally exceptional with astounding impacts. Simply envision ? you can handle each different component.

Axioma presents back­end shading pickers to change any component tone. The subject incorporates 12 default hading skins in addition to millions other shading varieties up to you. Also, one more trick named Skin Composer is made, whic permits to alter as of now existed shading skins, add new dependent on prepared ones and make your own. The fact of the matter isthat each skin you changed can be saved and in the event that you need to hit one up from recently made simply pick it to utilize. 

Huge loads of styling choices 

Progressed Theme Options Panel makes each your individual need and wish work out as expected: change textual stle families, text dimensions, play with colors for text, joins, foundations, catches, gadgets, oversee slider settings, control blog, display,portfolio pages choices, make and set custom sidebars and numerous other intriguing and valuable stuff. It is so natural at this point! 

Parallax Backgrounds 

We executed extremely unique and mainstream highlight in our Axiom topic ­ we added Parallax Backgrounds impact. It makes exceptional your site look. It gives a feeling that your site is alive, that i ca? move, can act, can relax. Parallax looking over impact encourages you make that astounding site which you were longing for. 

Limitless Portfolios 

Presenly you can add the same number of exhibitions and portfolios as you need, we are disposing of any cutoff points and give a valianteffort for you. Our topic permits to add video to your portfolio pages 


Axioma is going to astnish you! Axioma works with the most grounded Layer Slider module with the acclaimed Parallax Effect and discretionary 3D Transiions! You can utilize Layer Slider to make an amazing picture slideshow, pennant rotator or content slider to your site! Magnificent Fex Slider is built­in the subject. Adding a slideshow has never been so basic and delight. It is rich for choices and settings, so you'll like it. 

Visual Shortcodes 

Our shortcodes assist you with building and develop pages with no hard coing. They make your site pages alive, merry and brilliant. Topic incorporates more than 35 shortcode components. You'll appreciate it! 

Textual style based symbols 

Text style Awesome Icon Set is built­in and extraordinarily works with our topic. The symbols can be handily embedded wth shortcodes. Simply click the shortcode button, pick suitable one among all introduced and make all settings accessible and that is it! 

Web optimizaon choices are as of now implicit the topic. It doesn't need to introduce any modules and extra applications, basically fill in all fields reqired and that is it! You'll get NewsPlus NewsLetter Plugin with the expectation of complimentary purchasing this subject ;) NewsPlus WordPress NewsLetter Plugin is extraordinary mail membership and pamphlet administration, which consistently keeps your clients educated about most recent news and occasions. It is simple being used, pleasant glancing in plan and utilitarian in work. Everything is prepared for work ? not any more long settings, feel free to keep up your supporters with freshest greetings ever!

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