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Customize and white label WordPress without code using Branda Pro Simplify the white labeling process and harness over 30 modules designed to completely overhaul WordPress - all without needing a drop of code....

Customize and white label WordPress without code using Branda Pro

Simplify the white labeling process and harness over 30 modules designed to completely overhaul WordPress - all without needing a drop of code. Enjoy:


Customize every aspect of WordPress to fit your brand with Branda, the only premium and 100% free white label plugin for WordPress. Transform your dashboard, customize system (default) emails, quickly toggle maintenance mode and coming soon landing pages, change every aspect of your login screen, remove or replace logos, create color schemes, and much, much more. Branda has everything to rebrand WordPress for free without touching any code.

Save time, eliminate plugin compatibility problems, and improve security with one plugin and no more hack modifications.

Even the best WordPress theme builders leave WordPress branding all over your site. Branda helps you rebrand!

On your personal blog it is not a huge problem, but for a small business, design and development agency, or any professional site, a finished look with a complete brand package is important. That’s where Branda comes in! Turn WordPress into your own white-label solution.

More than 30 Modules included with Branda!

Admin Area / Dashboard

  • Admin Bar – Replace WordPress logo, show toolbar to logged out users, and customize menu items.
  • Admin Footer – Display custom text in the footer of every admin page.
  • Admin Menu – Customize the admin menu by user role or custom user type.
  • Admin Message – Display a custom message in the WordPress admin pages.
  • Color Schemes – Set custom color schemes and manage color schemes.
  • Custom CSS – Add custom CSS to customize the header of every admin page.
  • Help Content – Change the existing help content, add a new help item or add a help sidebar.


  • Dashboard Feeds – Customize the news feed dashboard widget.
  • Dashboard Widgets – Remove default widgets, customize the welcome message, or add new text widgets in the dashboard.
  • Meta Widgets – Rebrand the default meta widget in all multisite blogs with one that has the “Powered By” link branded to your network. Replace the “” link in the meta widget with your website’s title and link it to your site.


  • Author Box – Adds a responsive author box at the end of your posts, showing the author name, gravatar, description, and social profiles.
  • Cookie Notice – Inform users that your site uses cookies to comply with the EU cookie law GDPR regulations.
  • DB Error Message – Create a custom database error page so next time your visitors don’t just see the “Error Establishing a Database Connection” text error.
  • Document – Allows you to change defaults for entry display.
  • Footer Content – Insert content into the footer of every site in a Multisite network, i.e. embeds, terms of service, etc.
  • Header Content – Insert content into the header of every page on your website, i.e. news/notifications on top of the regular website header.
  • Login Screen – Customize the default login screen. Start with a pre-designed template or use the builder to redesign it from scratch to completely rebrand it.
  • Signup Screen – Customize signup functionality and require a signup code for registration.


  • Comments Control – Disable the comments on the posts, pages or on your entire website with advanced options for whitelisting IPs.
  • Images – Add a Favicon and override the default image file size upload limit based on user role.
  • Site Generator – Change the “generator information” and “generator link” from WordPress to something you prefer.
  • Text replacement – Replace any text from your admin pages and/or front-end pages with an easy-to-use interface. For example, you can use this to replace the word “WordPress” with your own website name.
  • Tracking Codes – Insert tracking codes into your website at different locations with options to insert the code on the whole website or conditionally.
  • Website Mode – Custom Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon mode pages for your website.

Branda lets you make all the brand customizations your theme doesn’t include. A must-have best-in-class WordPress admin plugin.

Learn The Ropes With These Hands-On Branda Tutorials

Personalize the Admin Dashboard

Branda puts you in control of rearranging and customizing the WordPress dashboard. Use your brand colors and display your logo in place of the WordPress icon. Create custom menus and the widget areas. Easily add a favicon. Create help links that are actually helpful and integrate a contact link that points to you.

Login Page Customization

Branda includes pre-designed login screen templates for quickly transforming your Login screen. Add your own logo, a custom background image, style input fields, adjust opacity, and configure drop shadows, colors and default settings. Give your visitors, staff, and other users a login page that matches your branding.


“The Branda plugin is a total solution. Customize login, the admin section, and more. It’s by the folks at WPMU DEV, which means it is Multisite ready and will always be up-to-date with great support.” – Elegant Themes


“Branda makes it feel like the whole job is much more custom and it takes just a couple extra minutes.” – Adam Teece

Website Under Construction!

If your website is coming soon, under construction or down for routine maintenance, Branda has you covered with Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon pages. Start and continue building your brand and reputation with public-facing landing pages and custom WordPress maintenance mode pages that connect people to your brand while you get things ready in the background.

Cookies and GDPR

Looking for a way to add cookie notices to your site? Activate Branda’s Cookie notice tool, style your notification, and a cookie notice opt-in will display across your site. Branda helps you do your part.

White Label System Emails

WordPress system emails are pretty basic by default. With Branda, you can add your own HTML templates to your system emails. You can also set the “from” email address for outgoing emails, and if your emails are ending up in the trash, switch to SMTP.

Analytics Tracking Codes

Branda’s Tracking Codes module lets you easily insert tracking codes into your website. Insert codes at different locations such as within the head tag, after the opening body tag or before the closing body tag. There is also an option to insert the code on the whole website or insert it conditionally.

Customize your Database Error Page

With Branda, you can add your own message, logo, and styles to the DB error page. The “Error Establishing a Database Connection” page is not pretty, give it some style.


Customize your dashboard just once, export and move it to all your websites with the Branda Import and Export tool. Think of all the time you’ll save giving your agency sites a consistent look and feel.

White Label Multisite

Branda can be used to white label all the sites across an entire network! Use global settings or configure each site individually. Branda has Multisite-specific customizations that make it easy to make a network yours from front to back.

This is How you White Label WordPress

Branda is super easy to use – no confusing settings and fully documented. Plus, Branda lets you choose to activate only the modules you need so you can keep your site moving at top performance.

Want More?

  • Smush – Image Optimizer
  • Hummingbird – Page Speed Optimization
  • Hustle – Pop-ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins
  • SmartCrawl – SEO Optimizer
  • Defender – Security, Monitoring, and Hack Protection
  • Forminator – Form, Poll, and Quiz Builder
  • Beehive – Customizable Google Analytics Dashboards

Branda can take care of all your WordPress white labeling needs along with custom login, maintenance mode, under construction, and coming soon pages for free!

However, if you’d like Branda’s +30 modules, along with premium 24/7 live chat support, hosting credits, and the complete pro marketing, performance, and security suite, take the next step with Branda Pro. Branda Pro comes with a whole team of WordPress optimization hero friends (security, SEO, performance, support and maintenance automation) – perfect for agencies and freelancers offering site maintenance services.


Branda does not collect or store any data about end users on your website. The only input option Branda has is to a newsletter subscription for site admins only.

Branda uses a third-party email service to send informational emails (Opt-in) to the site administrator. The administrator’s email address is sent to Mailchimp and a cookie is set by the service. Only administrator information is collected by Mailchimp.

About Us

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Hey, one more thing… we hope you enjoy our free offerings as much as we’ve loved making them for you!



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