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Tip top Video Player is present day, responsive, completely customisable top of the line video player for WordPress tat help promoting and the most mainstream video stages like YouTube (single, channel, playlist), Vimeo, self-facilitating recordings (just p4 required), Google drive recordings,...

Tip top Video Player is present day, responsive, completely customisable top of the line video player for WordPress tat help promoting and the most mainstream video stages like YouTube (single, channel, playlist), Vimeo, self-facilitating recordings (just p4 required), Google drive recordings, Dropbox recordings, nearby recordings, Amazon S3 and LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 recording.. Exhibit your recordings in your site over all programs and gadgets with this interesting and most remarkable video player around. 

Tip top Video Player - WordPress module - 3 

Watch Installation Tutorial 

Watch Android Demo , Watch iPad Demo 

Have your Elite Player going in minutes 

Establishment is overly simple. Basically pick video player type and addition the shortcode in your page or post. 

YouTube uphold – playlist/channel/single youtube 

Tip top video player can play any youtube vido, import youtube playlists or even client channels. You can utilize default YouTube player or YouTube player with custom controls. 

YouTube 360 VR and YouTube LiveStreaming support 

Tip top video player has now uphold for any Youtube 360 VR video, and even backings livestream recordings from Youtube. 

Self-facilitated recordings 

You can have your own recordings with just mp4 design required. 

Vimeo uphold 

Likewise, world cla video player can play any video from vimeo as well. Vimeo recordings can be played with default Vimeo player or custom Elite player. 

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS .m3u8) uphold 

World class video player presently underpins HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) .m3u8 records. 

Amazon S3 and Amazon cloud drive recordings 

First class player can play any video from amazon worker. 

Google drive recordings 

You can store and play recordings from any Google drive. 

Dropbox recordings 

Prescribed wth regards to enormous documents, use Dropbox to have your recordings for nothing and play them in Elite player accross sites. 

Nearby recordings 

You can likewis play any video from your neighborhood drive, no requirement for web facilitating. Recordings from dropbox are likewise upheld. 

Openload recordings 

Tip top video player can play any video from Openload. 

Blended recordings 

Make yur playlist with any video type you need – blend YouTube/Vimeo/Self-facilitated/GoogleDrive recordings across the board playlist. 


World class video player underpins pre-move (previously), mid-ove (during), post-move (after), video promotions and spring up advertisements. For every video in playlist you can set own pre-oll/mid-move/post-move/spring up advertisement. Likewise, promoting is improved with custom skip advertisement alternative, which iplies that you can set distinctive skip time for every video. Every promotion can be added for all video types that world class plyer upholds: youtube single recordings/youtube playlists/client channels, vimeo recordings, and self-facilitated mp4 recordings. 

Google Analytics 

With Google Analytics you can follow how oten recordings has been watched and downloaded. Additionally, you can follow how often Advertisement video has been watched, ho long Advertisement video has been played (before it's skipped) or even tally how frequently your promotion video was clicked.

Live video thumbnails for progress bar 

Tip top video player is the sole video player that is utilizing shrewd framework for video thumbnails. You can set your video to auto-create video thumbnails and show them Live continuously, when client float the advancement bar. See model. 

vtt (jpg) Video thumbnails for progress bar 

First class video playercan likewise show vtt (jpg) video thumbnails, which means, these thumbnails are pre-made as single spritesheet jpg picture. See model. 

Captions (subtitles) 

World class video player has caption (inscriptions) uphold for HTML5 self facilitated recordings, Google drive, Dropbox, HLS m3u8 Livestream or Amazon S3 recordings. 

Clingy mode 

World class player has uphold for clingy mode to kep recordings obvious to your clients all the time on the page (when looking up/down through page). In the event that video isn'tin client viewport, clingy player will show up in base corner, and if video is in client viewport, clingy player will consequently stow away. 

Lightbox mode, responsive mode, fullscreen mode 

World class vide player can be appeared in lightbox mode. You can set any picture to open part in lightbox. Numerous lightbox pictures are uphed (various lightbox major parts in same page). Lightbox alternatives are: lightbox picture, lightbox picture width and tallness, lightboxclose on click outside (discretionary), lightbox autoplay (discretionary). This way you can have different video players in the same spot. 

Responsive mode makes Elite video player that fits precisely into page or post content. 

With Fullscreen mode Elite video player will cover the whole page. 

Deeplinking recordings 

First class player upholds Deeplinking whch implies that any video from playlist can be gotten to through URL connect. Likewise, clients can share dynamic (current) video. 

For instance: Deeplinking objective to video called "Top Models" from playlist. 

Ensure video content 

On self fcilitated recordings you can debilitate right snap over the video to forestall "Spare video" activity, and stow away "src" property. 

Additionally, to secure your recordings such tha nowbody can see your video content (regardless of whether it's "downloaded") is to utilize HTTP Live Streaming – HLS m3u8 design. 

This will assist with seeing better: interface, this way no one can see your video. 

Convert your .mp4 records into .m3u8 organization to secure your recordings. 

jpg, png, gif uphold 

With Elite video player you can show your pictures or gifs, rather the video. This componentgives you choice to utilize Elite player like pennant or picture slider. You can even blend pictures in with recordings in a similar playlist. 

Boundless shading choice 

World class player ook can be modified by changing the shading accent to any shading you like to make your player mix in to your site consummately. 

Auto-produced install code 

First class video playe have capacity to consequently produce exceptional implant code from it's own settings, so guests can insert your video player anylace and whenever in their site pages. First class player will auto make insert code from posts or pages, so it tends to be installed nyplace. 

Url boundaries uphold 

First class vdeo player can be tweaked even through url boundaries. For instance, alter defualt player: by giving blue tone and fair complexion: 

It works all over 

First class video player is a HTML5 prepared player that empowers it to deal with all stages – work area and portable. 

First class player is enhanced for workstations with touchscreen also. 

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