FooEvents for WooCommerce v1.9.0

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FooEvents for WooCommerceFooEvents includes ground-breaking function and tagging usefulness to WooCommerce with nocommission or ticket expenses. Sell boundless tickets and oversee free enlistment for physical functions, virtual functions or both! Yu needn't bother with any tech aptitudes and can be...

FooEvents for WooCommerce

FooEvents includes ground-breaking function and tagging usefulness to WooCommerce with nocommission or ticket expenses. Sell boundless tickets and oversee free enlistment for physical functions, virtual functions or both! Yu needn't bother with any tech aptitudes and can be ready for action in no time. Join more than 10,000 glad FooEvents clients. 



Oversee functions and sell tickets on your own terms 

FoEvents eliminates the center man and makes it conceivable to sell a boundless number of exceptionally marked tickets from your on WordPress site without paying any ticket charges or commission. FooEvents guarantees that you have full command over theticket deals cycle and client information, making it the most secure and most adaptable function and tagging arrangement accessible.

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Worked for WooCommerce 

FooEvents is intended to work loally with WooCommerce. This implies that you can exploit the security and intensity of the world's most famous eCommerce stage. 

Boundless Tickets and Events 

All FooEvents licenses let you make a boundless numbe of functions and tickets at no extra expense! Licenses are just restricted by the quantity of sites on which FooEvents can be introduced.

Sell Digital and Physical Products 

You can sell tickts, physical merchandise and computerized items all from a similar site utilizing the incredible blend of FooEvents and WooCommerce. 

WordPress Theme Friendly 

FooEvents works flawlessly with the dominant part WooCommerce viable ubjects, which means you have innumerable alternatives to browse when energizing your store and promoting your functions to clients. 

Nitty gritty Event Information 

Every function page has a special URLthat incorporates the function depiction, outline, picture display, Google Map, function data, variety drop-downs and related items. 

Adaptable Wording 

Abrogate the utilization of the FooEvents default phrasing with your on phrasing that is more proper for your function. For instance you could change 'Participants' to 'Members', 'Understudies' or 'Clients'. 

Free or Paid Events

Sell tickets or register participants with the expectation of complimentary functions. Participants will be given tickets and enroled in your WooCommerce information base which is incredible for building a CRM information base and overseeing function access. 

No External Dependencies 

FooEvents is intended to run on your own WooCommerce ite and isn't subject to any outsider modules or outer administrations. Just introduce the FooEvents module, arrange and begin selling.

WP Multisite Support 

FooEvents underpins WordPress ultisite which enables your customers to make and deal with their own functions and sell tickets in a WordPress Multisite "organization".

WPML Compatible 

FooEvents is vible with the famous WordPress Multilingual (WPML) module. WPML lets you make an interpretation of site content into various dialects. 

Interpretation Ready 

Use WordPress restriction records (.PO/.MO) to change all FooEvents text yields into your site's default language. 


Virtual Events 

Consistent incorporation with Zoom 

Offer passes to virtual functions, for example, gatherings, gatherings and online courses utilizing FooEvents and Zoom. 

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Offer passes to virtual gatherings, gatherings and online classes 

Consistent mix with Zoom implies you can exploit all the adaptation advantages and usefulnes gave by FooEvents and WooCommerce, while a-list video web based of your live virtual function is dealt with by Zoom. 

Programmed Attendee Registration 

Offr admittance to virtual functions legitimately from your WordPress site. FooEvents interfaces safely to your Zoom account and can conequently pre-register participants for once-off or repeating Zoom gatherings and online classes when they buy tickets on your site. 

Own the client relationship and your information 

By offering passes to your virtal function legitimately from your own site, you keep up unlimited oversight over your business channel and can assemble your client iformation base which will permit you to streamline transformations and adjust your function and promoting procedures varying. 

Offer passes to physical and virtual functions at the same time 

With FooEvents, you can offer passes to physical functions, virtual functions or bot! It's never been simpler to sell tickets and oversee free enrollments for every one of your functions over different channels and stages. 

Video conferencing innovation trusted by millions 

Zoom is the pioneer in present day undertaking video interchanges, with a simple, solid clud stage for video and sound conferencing, talk and online classes. Regardless of where you are on the planet, Zoom has you secured. 



Oversee access with our FREE versatile Check-ins applications 

There's no compelling reason to haul around an ungainly clipboard or execute trees when you can richly oversee registration with our free, simple to utilize iOS and Android applications. The FooEvents Check-ins application gives you the apparatuses to oversee admittance to your function like a professional and it even works when the web goes down!

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