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Home Villas | Real Estate WordPress ThemeContact us via : WhatApp No : +447444900194Home Villas Real Estate WordPress Theme by Chimp Studio is one of the top-rated theme...

Home Villas | Real Estate WordPress Theme

Contact us via : WhatApp No : +447444900194

Home Villas Real Estate WordPress Theme by Chimp Studio is one of the top-rated theme. Among so many real estate themes available in the market, Home Villa Real Estate WordPress Theme comes with hundreds of unique features that makes it out of box ready theme for real estate WordPress website. With eighteen different designs, it is one of the most sleek and beautiful theme that has in-built mortgage calculator, most intelligent and advance search filters, geo location search and Google suggestions. Building a website using Home Villa Real Estate WordPress Theme allow admin and users add unlimited properties from front as well as backend. Buyer can schedule a viewing for a property, seller can add documents of his property, add multi units and currency of his choice. Yelp places and walk score feature help buyers select best property as per location. Paid listings, ad banners and ad places help admin earn money from website. With auto expiry of listing on set date, limit on picture and document upload per package, featured listing, top category listing and charge for submission make Home Villa best Real Estate WordPress theme . Home Villa is fully responsive that fits best to every device and screen perfectly. Save search feature allow users save their search filters and get notified through customizable email alerts as and when new similar property is added.

Some of the stunning HOT Features

  • Add unlimited Property Features
  • Unlimited Property Photos
  • Schedule a Viewing
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Property Documents
  • Property Yelp Places
  • Property WalkScore
  • Property Multi-Units
  • Currency Options
  • Draw on Map
  • Team Management
  • Social Logins for Users
  • Auto-Share Listings to Social-Networks
  • Solid Theme-Options
  • Advance Search Filters
  • Membership Packages for Agents / Users
  • Ads Banners
  • Geo Location Search
  • Unlimited Property Types
  • Advance Address Lookup
  • Google Suggestions for address / places
  • Fully customize-able Search
  • Multiple Listing views
  • Email Listings Alerts
  • Save Searches
  • Charge for submissions
  • Free and Paid Listing
  • Featured Listings
  • Listing Expiration date per package
  • Top Categories Listings
  • Restrict Number of Pictures upload per package
  • Restrict Number of documents upload per package
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateways


Currency Options:

Need to set your desired / local currency in theme? Home Villa Real Estate WordPress theme is fully flexible, you can add your local currency with few clicks only. You can select which currencies to display and this allows your customers to see your products’ prices in their selected currency. This value should match the default currency you use in your site.

Draw on Map:

Although the Google Maps API comes equipped with embedding code, many WordPress Theme users feel more comfortable using a draw on map. With Home Villa WordPress theme , the draw on map feature lets you add an infinite number of markers to maps, letting you highlight locations of interest. To further attract visitors to a specific area of your map, you can add colourful polygons and polylines to them, too. The one of best features in theme is Locator. Add pins to mark all your locations and let visitors use a helpful search function to find the nearest one.

Team Management: :

Home Villa WordPress theme offer users managing team within WordPress to streamline day-to-day operations and communications between your team members. Owner can add their team members by using team management system such as Assistant Manager, Controller, Sales, Assistant General Manager, General Manager, and Regional Director of Operations. It works by letting you add members to your team, company position and links of their social profiles for display on your site. You can add unlimited registered users in your team.

Social Logins:

Home Villa Real Estate Theme Social Login feature enables users to login via social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. It provides social logins option with three powerful social networking sites. Social Login feature comes pre-integrated with theme and is completely free.

Auto-Share to Social-Networks:

Our Real Estate WordPress theme offer a special feature of social share to help expand the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals, often through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Tumblr, Dribble, stumble upon and Google+. Depending on the social media platform, members may be able to contact any other member. Our solution can auto integrate social data into your existing software’s such as mail chimp, hub spot, salesforce, google analytics, etc.

Solid Theme-Options:

Home Villas WordPress Theme offers incredible advanced theme options, with easy to use drag & drop page builder option, there are unlimited possibilities. Wide range of theme options provide maximum customization freedom like colours, fonts, headers, footer, logos and much more to help you create a fantastic property website. Buy Home Villa Real Estate WordPress theme , enjoy best customization experience.

Advance Filter Search:

Any search field can be disable/enable in Home Villa WordPress Theme easily. You can use advance search on searching properties and listings. Make it easy for your visitors to find right property by allowing them set different search criteria such as size and price range. User can increase their search accuracy through this feature and this the likeliness of increasing the chance of reaching. It predicts search terms, suggests keywords and even corrects typos. Users, agents / agencies are allowed to save their search combinations to make repeated searches easy.

Membership Packages:

Using our property WordPress Theme , enable front end listing submission and users who wish to list properties to will have to purchase a paid Membership Package with given payment option. You can create unlimited packages, each with an expiration date in x no of days, weeks, months or years. Select the number of listings and featured listings in each package.

Ads Banners:

Online advertising is a mainstay of the modern world. Home villa Real Estate Theme is loaded with most suitable advertising spaces & conventional sizes such as Google AdSense banners, text ads OR your own banner. You can set prices for different adverts via image or code as you want. Ad spaces are determined with a shortcode so you can place them where they look best in your theme.

  • Adding Advertising banners to your site
  • Google AdSense ads

Geo Location Search:

Geo location search is based on geographical coordinates and distances. Refine your search to industry related terms or brand mentions based on your geo location. Apart from filtration by geographical coordinates/distances, it counts how many listings are within certain distances from a specific location using radius feature. Geo location search functionality provides search results customized to the user’s location. It drops a pin on the map during the creation of listings location process and shows the precise location of the business.

  • Geo location search settings
  • Location Search
  • Default location settings

Property Types:

Have a specific item or a huge number of them? Home Villa WordPress Theme offers unlimited property types to manage your content in a hierarchy. Add as many as property type you want, assign them child categories and show them the way you like. Home Villa is a complete package for a perfect demonstration of property online.

Setting Property types

Assigning categories to property types

Advance Address Lookup:

Home Villa WordPress real estate Theme comes with an advanced address lookup which let you find location on map instantaneously. Geo-locate the property coordinates with single press of a button and display result on a Google Map. You can add country, city and complete address that will be automatically added to your property listing in that location.

  • Adding Locations
  • Showing location on Map

Google Suggestions:

Search Suggestions are possible search terms you can use that are related to the terms you’re typing. The Autocomplete feature provides suggestions while you type into the field and load suggestions based on previous experiences or real time searches. It supports local and remote records sets (JSON, XML and plain text), uses Ajax method calls, allows to search, sort and match the response query precisely.

Geo location search settings

Adding locations

Advance Filter Search:

Home villa WordPress Real Estate theme comes with advance filter search that expands your default search by adding a range of customized filters i-e keyword search, search autocomplete, geo location search, location search, property types, radius and much more. The possibilities are unlimited. These features will allow you to create a sustainable online visibility for the long run.

  • Geo location search
  • Location Search
  • Advance search filter settings

Multiple Listing views:

Home villa WordPress theme offers users tremendous and attractive views to display their property listings. Different aesthetic views provide users a seamless browsing experience that definitely lure the attention. These views include Grid, medium, map etc.

  • Using different Listing Views via CS Page builder
  • Listings Shortcodes

Email Listings Alerts:

Email listing alert is a feature that notifies users about newly available listings and lets them select the listings rightly matched with their interests. The setting for this feature either send alerts the minute a listing has been added / updated, or can send a summary email once a day. It all depends on the frequency user select to be notified.

Save Searches

Listing Alerts frequency settings

Save Searches:

A ‘Saved Search’ is the search criteria you enter into ‘Save a Listing Alert’ search panel. it is saved for future use. Save searches notifies you about newly available jobs and lets you select the property rightly matched with your interests based on your searches. Once you’ve logged on, you can save unlimited property listing searches and receive Alerts when new listings match your saved searches. Your saved searches will then automatically appear in backend, to make searching your ideal property as easy as possible for you.

Payment Gateways:

Payment gateways are ways to charge users against the listing / property submission. Different countries have different payment gateways. Home Villa theme comes pre-ready for most popular payment gateways. You’ll just need accounts and APIs for configurations. Home Villa Theme comes with 4 default payment gateways, Paypal, Skrill, and bank transfer. It is also WooCommerce ready, thus, not limiting you to only number of payment gateways.


Property Features:

Do you want add a long list of features to customize / personalize your property listing? Home Villa “Property Feature” allows you to add extra indicators / features to your listing to appeal more attention from potential customers while they browse the listings. With this feature, you can create a beautiful list of features to display a property listing clearly to match the specific users.

Unlimited Property Photos:

Upload and organize beautiful galleries to showcase every section of property listing. You have full flexibility to add unlimited number of images. Engage your site users to keep their interest attached to your property by adding good presentation via pictures.

Schedule a Viewing:

“Schedule a Viewing” form is conveniently located on the property listing detail page for you to request to arrange viewing for that particular listing. Complete the popup form with full details of your property and your availability, as soon as it is complete, press send message button.

Mortgage Calculator:

Compute your monthly mortgage payment using Home Villa cool mortgage calculator feature. It helps you estimate what your mortgage payment will be to compare what you can afford. Evaluate your monthly payments and see the effect of adding extra payments. Simply enter the price, deposit, Annual and year to get your loan quote.

Property Documents:

A potential profile document for a property helps reach the relevant users. If your portfolio is highly anticipated and in the top price range, your marketing substantial should reflect this and customers in the market for esteem homes would presume nothing less. You can add several types of files (pdf, dox, docs) etc. as attachments to a property listing.

Property Yelp Places:

Yelp / Nearby places puts your listing in front of consumers nearby who are looking to make a purchase. Lots of consumers use Yelp every day to make purchase decisions. Home Villa WordPress real estate theme, offer Yelp Ads feature helps your listing when consumers search for a business like yours.

Property WalkScore:

Home Villa comes with WalkScore feature. WalkScore is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. For each address, Walk Score analysis hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. Points are awarded based on the distance to amenities in each category.

Property Multi-Units:

Multiple units are a shortcut to your financial freedom. If one house is a decent investment, would not two, four, six or eight houses be even better? With Home Villa WordPress real estate theme, complete detail of multi units will be given on detail page to get benefit from them to setup successful property business.

Home Villas Real Estate WordPress Theme by Chimp Studio is one of the first class topic. Among so numerous land topics accessible on the lookout, Home Villa Real Estate WordPress Theme accompanies many interesting highlights that makes it out of box prepared subject for land WordPress site. With eighteen unique plans, it is perhaps the most smooth and wonderful topic that has in-assembled contract mini-computer, generally canny and advance inquiry channels, geo area search and Google recommendations. Building a site utilizing Home Villa Real Estate WordPress Theme permit administrator and clients add limitless properties from front just as backend. Purchaser can plan a survey for a property, dealer can add archives of his property, add multi units and cash of his decision. Cry places and walk score highlight help purchasers select best property according to area. Paid postings, advertisement standards and promotion places help administrator bring in cash from site. With auto expiry of posting on set date, limit on picture and report transfer per bundle, included posting, top class posting and charge for accommodation make Home Villa best Real Estate WordPress subject . Home Villa is completely responsive that fits best to each gadget and screen consummately. Save search highlight permit clients savetheir pursuit channels and get told through adjustable email alarms as and when new comparative property is added. 


A portion of the staggering HOT Features 

  • Add limitless Property Features 
  • Limitless Property Photos 
  • Timetable a Viewing
  • Home loan Calculator 
  • Property Documents 
  • Property Yelp Places 
  • Property WalkScore 
  • Property Multi-Units 
  • Cash Options
  • Draw on Map 
  • Group Management 
  • Social Logins for Users 
  • Auto-Share Listings to Social-Networks 
  • Strong Theme-Options
  • Advance Search Filters 
  • Participation Packages for Agents/Users 
  • Promotions Banners 
  • Geo Location Search 
  • Limitless Property Types 
  • Advance Address Lookup 
  • Google Suggestions for address/laces 
  • Completely redo capable Search 
  • Different Listing sees 
  • Email Listings Alerts 
  • Save Searches 
  • Charge for entries 
  • Free and Paid Listing 
  • Included Listings
  • Posting Expiration date per bundle 
  • Top Categories Listings 
  • Confine Number of Pictures transfer per bundle 
  • Confine Number of reports transfer per bundle 
  • Various Payment Gateways
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateways 
  • Cash Options: 
  • Need to set your ideal/neighborhood money in topic? Home Villa Real Estate WordPress topic is compleely adaptable, you can add your nearby money with few ticks as it were. You can choose which monetary standards to show and this permits your clients to see your items' costs in their chose cash. This worth should coordinate the default money you use in your site.

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