Listing Manager v2.5.15 - WordPress Directory Plugin

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Module Documentation Insignificant required PHP form 5.6, suggested 7.x WooCommerce module is needed to run Listing Manager. Information on WooCommerce is required. You can discover practically all answers in WooCommerce documentation. Module doesn't give plan, it is up to topic creators to give appropriate styling....

Module Documentation 

Insignificant required PHP form 5.6, suggested 7.x 

WooCommerce module is needed to run Listing Manager. 

Information on WooCommerce is required. 

You can discover practically all answers in WooCommerce documentation. 

Module doesn't give plan, it is up to topic creators to give appropriate styling. 

It is up to topic creator to give plan. 

Kindly check the FAQ segments beneath. 

All module settings are put away in WordPress customizer 

Posting Manager – Directory and Listings for WooCommerce

Posting Manager is index WordPress module totally dependent on the WooCommece. You can begin your catalog site in the blink of an eye. Module is expanding WooCommerce item and adds new item types called Posting" and "Bundle". From now you can add new postings in the equivalent was as you were adding customary WooCommerce item. 

The fundamental advantage of building your new catalog site upon the WooCommerce is that clientswork processes on backend stays same. On the off chance that you realize how to add WooCommerce item you realize how to mke new posting. This methodology permits to broaden catalog site by the modules supporting WooCommerce. Have you eer needed to use in your catalog installment entryway which was grown distinctly for WooCommerce? From now you are not restricted. 

In the event that you are searching for stable arrangement which has top notch codebase, you are on the idea spot. Discover great designers and utilize this module as the starter system for your new business. You will get incredible incentive a a little cost. Module has huge loads of WordPress highlights and layout motor which permits you to broaden the usefulness varying.

Make Directory Platform 

With the Listing Manager you can make hearty registry site by utilizing the information on WooCommerce and WordPress. For all WooCommerce experienced clients the UI will be natural and straightforwardness to utilize.By utilizing the WooCommerce as a foundation you can begin building complex sites. All gifted engineers will be glad to work te module since all code is all around organized and obviously simple to broaden by means of WordPress channels and activities. 

Profound WooCommerce Integration

Posting Manager is strong module zeroing in on the profound coordination with theWooCommerce. All postings, bundles, micropayments are exceptional WooCommerce item types. Such a methodology prmits us to make index arrangement reusing best highlights of understand internet business module. From our place of the view, interstingly, isn't needed to waste time and clients can utilize the WooCommerce truck, checkout and outsider modules to make index site. 

Front End Forms Field Builder 

Make custom front end accommodation structures for the registry site inside administrator territory. All front endstructures are separated into three custom post types: structures, fieltsets and fields. Numerous fields are packaged into fieldss and fieldsets are doled out to custom structure. So clients can choose posting structure prior to adding the accommodation. Kindly note that the field developer is for the front end structures. These alternatives are not applied for structure in administrator territory. 

Posting Product Type 

While making new item set the item tpe to "Posting" and new fields will be accessible. We added area, address, contact, social, function and numerous different fields. 

Front End Submission 

Center usefulness of this index module is to permit cliens to post their entries from the front end. It isn't needed to permit admittance to WordPress back end to post the postings. Module ha many predefined custom fields. In the event that you need to simply reorder, eliminate or add new field it isn't issue in any way. Postig Manager is joining field manufacturer so you can change all fields without contacting the source. Obviously module has channel fo that so on the off chance that you are experienced engineer you can actualize you own business rationale for front end fields. 

Google Maps 

In Listing Manager it is conceivable to utilize Google Mas by utilizing shortcode or gadget. Guides are containg serveral fascinating choices. It is conceivable to characterized own custom cannel structure, adaptable toolbar, divert URL, show all markers, autosubmit, live channel on the guide, zoom, button text, tallness, etc. 

WooCommerce Memberships Support 

By choosing "Enrollments" alternative in "Customizer – Listing Manager Submission" you empower WooCommece Memberships uphold in module. You can make you own arrangements. Module upholds max. number of postings per plan. There areno different choices except for on the off chance that you are searching for something certain, vibe allowed to get in touch with us. 

Bundle System 

Effectively make boundless measure of bundles and permit your clients to buy the bundle which meets their equirements. Again the bundle is exceptional WooCommerce item type called "Bundle". In the wake of choosing this item type on aler screen, bundle related fields will show up. Bundle is added into truck and afterward client must continue the checkout. At the pointwhen the bundle will terminate, client will be advised about bundle lapse and afterward it is conceivable to expand bundle length.


By utilizing micropayments you can undoubtedly adapt your site. It is conceivable to make three kinds of micropaymentsfor distributing the posting, making it included and guaranteeing the posting by client. All micropayments are simply standad WooCommerce items with the unique item type "Micropayment". In the wake of making the micropayment it is simply neded to appoint legitimate item in "Customizer – Listing Manager Micropayments". Paying for this exchange is actually same as ou are buying standard WooCommerce item so the microtransaction is added into truck and client is needed to continue the checkout. 

Guarantee Listing 

Clients can undoubtedly guarantee each posting, on the off chance that it in't as of now asserted. After the sending the case demand, it is totally up to the site administrator to affirm or decrease the solicitation.For the asserting of the posting we made micropayment so in Listing Manager you can charge your clients for guaranteeing posting. 

Most loved Listings 

Modules supports to most loved the postings. Usefulness is packaged right in the center. Clients will have the option to effortlessly gather their #1 postings and afterward check them toward the front. The front end rundown of most loved postings is dealt with by shortcode. Clients must be verified to most loved postings.

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