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Soccer Engine - 1 The Soccer Engine module permits you to sore, break down, and show soccer information in your WordPress site. With the 40 menus, 143 arrangement alterntives, and 33 Gutenberg blocks remembered for this module, you will have...

Soccer Engine - 1 

The Soccer Engine module permits you to sore, break down, and show soccer information in your WordPress site. 

With the 40 menus, 143 arrangement alterntives, and 33 Gutenberg blocks remembered for this module, you will have the option to deal with each part of your preferred game. 

This module can be utilized for instance by: 

Clubs that need to enroll and show the aftereffects of their senior and junior groups. 

Clubs that need to make a serious vault of players, staff individuals, coordinate outcomes, rialries and arrangements. 

Bloggers that needs to survey and break down matches with courses of events and analyses. 

The coordinators of nearby rivalries that need to list apparatuses, results and grants of the opposition. 

Move market nws and bits of gossip related sites keen on making a library of player moves, group contracts, player organizations and office contracts. 

News based organizations that need to improve the soccer segment with results, standings table and installations. 

Sites proprietors keen on filing a lot of soccer information and in enabling the guests to investigate these information. 

Sites zeroed in on information examination. 

Soccer Engine - 2 

Oversee Soccer Data 

Store a lot of soccer information with the CRUD editors accessible in the back-end menus of Soccer Engine. 

The accompanying files of information are accessible: 


Player Positions 

Player Awards

Player Award Type

Inaccessible Players 

Inaccessible Player Types


Injur Types 


Staff Types 

Staff Awards 

Staff Awar Types 


Arbitrator Badges 

Arbitrator Badge Types 







Prize Types 

Positioning Transiions 

Positioning Types 





Move Types

Group Contracts 

Group Contract Types 


Organization Contracts 

Organization Contract Types 

Market Value Transitions

Show Soccer Data 

The Soccer Engine module can produe tables to show the put away information (22 squares are accessible for this reason), tables with created measurements (E.g. ArbitratorStatistics by Competition, Referee Statistics by Team), custom designs for explicit purposes (E.g. Match Timeline, Match Commentary, layer Summary, Staff Summary, Referee Summary), standings tables (E.g. Rivalry Standings Table), graphs (E.g. Market Value Transtions Chart, Ranking Transitions Chart) and graphical portrayals dependent on the gave information (E.g. Visual Match Lineup). 

The accompanying Gutenberg blocks are remembered for the module: 

Players Block 

Player Summary Blck 

Player Awards Block

Inaccessible Players Block 

Wounds Block 

Staff Block 

Staff Summary Block 

Staff Awards Block 

Arbitrator Summary Block

Arbitrator Statistics by Competition Block 

Ref Statistics by Team Block 

Prizes Block 

Positioning Transitions Block 

Positioning Transitions Chart Block 

Matches Block 

Match Lineup Block 

Match Visual Lineup Block 

Match Substitutions Block 

Match Staff Block 

Match Commentary Block 

Match Timeline Bck 

Match Score Block 

Crew Lineup Block

Crew Substitutis Block 

Crew Staff Block 

Rivalry Round Block 

Rivalry Standings Table Block 

Moves Block 

Group Contracts Block 

Organization Contracts Block 

Market Value Trnsitions Block 

Market Value Tnsitions Chart Block 

Custom Queries 

Each square accompanies choices accessible in the settings part of the square.

You can utilize these choices to make custom questions on your information, for instance, you can: 

Utilize the Players square to show just the players with the part of "Goalkeeper", with under 21 years, that originatesrom a particular nation.

Utilize the Matches square to show just the matches played in a particular period with "Juventus" as the host group. 

Utilize the Transfers square to show just the exchanges with an exchange charge higher than $1000000.

Utilize the Match Timeline to make exceptional match timetables that incorporae just a particular classification of occasions. 

Utilize the Injuries square to show just wounds with "Meniscal Tear" as injury type. 

What's more, more …

The settings segment of the squares incorporates four classifications of alternatives: 

Channels used to make custom inquiries on the showed information. 

Alternatives used to incorporate or avoid components of the created format. 

Alternatives used to deal with the responsiveness of the design

Pagination alternatives. 

Make Charts

This module utilizes the Chart.js JavaScript library to create diagrams dependent on the put away information. 

As of now, there are two kinds of graphs accessible, a line outline (or region diagram) to speak to the market esteem changes of the player and a line outline (or region diagram) to speak to the positioning advances of the groups. 

Match Ev

Each and every occasion of a match can be enlisted in Socc

The informaton of the occasions are a significant part of the module and are utilized to create: 

Match results 

Standings tables 

Occasion Icons 

Occasion Toolps 

Players insights

Staff individuals insights 

Refs insights

Execution information and pointers (E.g. Focuses Per Match, Average Goals For, Average Goal Against, Etc.)

Furthermore, more … 

Match Timeline

Show the single occasions of a match with the match course of events format. For every occasion will be shown the tie with a high-goal SVG clock, a picture of the player or staff part engaged with the occasion, the group logo, and extra printed data. 

Match Commentar

Make a match critique to refresh your clients with all the insights regarding each single occasion of the atch. This design is great on the off chance that you need to give to the guests broadened clarifications of the occasions of a match. 

Visual Lineup 

This element permits you to show the players of a group over a high goal and adaptable SVG field. The places of the playrs depend on the arrangement related with the group and the occasions of every player are shown as symbols with dynamic tooltips. 

Redo Everything

Consistency is a key rule in plan, and with the included 63 style alternatives you will have the option to: 

Modify the shades of every component showed in all the 33 squares 

Modify the textual style of the content showed in all the 33 squares

Relegate custom respnsive breakpoints used to switch the format of the apparent multitude of components dependent on the viewport width

What's more, more … 

Regarding functionalities with the other 80 choices you will have the option to: 

Permit admittance to the regulatory pages of the module just to WordPress clients with explicit capacities 

Modify the back-end pagination framework 

Modify the configuration used to show money related qualities 

Set the estimation units

Redo the outlines 

Furthermore, More … 

Import and Export 

The import and fare highlight accessible in Soccer Egine permits you to chronicle your information as XML records. 

This is incredibly valuable on the grounds that

Fills in as a reinforcement framework for your inforion (you will never lose any single record) 

You can move your information between various sites 

You can move your information to different applications 

Gutenberg Ready 

This module aompanies 33 Gutenberg blocks, and the conduct of each square can be tweaked with the alternatives accessible in the Settings Sideba. 

Multisite Ready 

This module can be utilized on a WordPress Network, and supports both a Network Activation (the module will be initiated on all the destinations of your WordPress Network in a solitary advance) and a Single Site Activation (your module will be physically actuated on single locales of the organization).

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