WHMCS One Page Checkout - WHMCS Cart - WHMCS Order Pages Free Download


WHMCS One Page Checkout - WHMCS Cart - WHMCS Order Pages Free DownloadTested to work with WHMCS.8.4, WP 5.9, Current Version.4.0-revision-0, Updated on 22nd Feburary, 2022The single most factor behind WP-WHMCS...

WHMCS One Page Checkout - WHMCS Cart - WHMCS Order Pages Free Download

Tested to work with WHMCS.8.4, WP 5.9, Current Version.4.0-revision-0, Updated on 22nd Feburary, 2022

The single most factor behind WP-WHMCS integration efforts is giving users a better ordering/buying experience. It is how visitors convert to customers.

If you use WordPress & WHMCS, then WHMCS Cart & Order Pages (WCOP), can be your best choice for your WHMCS Checkout for WordPress needs.

WHMCS Cart & Order Pages (WCOP) have beautifully designed order pages, which are feature-rich and user-friendly

WCOP offers 10 different WHMCS Order Page templates/workflows to offer WHMCS checkout within WordPress, including its famous one-page checkout.

Logo With WCOP you can achieve 3 goals resulting in more sales

1. Consistent Order Process:Usually WHMCS links in WP will redirect to WHMCS for product configuration and final checkout. With WCOP, you can do everything within WP.

2. Add Multiple Products:It is not easy for users to order the product the first time from your WP site, get redirected to WHMCS, and select more products (this involves them in two different environments). Let your users add multiple products to the cart while browsing your WordPress site (In standard ordering), An authentic shopping experience

3. WHMCS Cart within WordPress:Manage current orders through shopping cart visible throughout the WP site (In standard ordering).

Logo Support for Industry Leading Page Builders

Logo One page checkout features

Optional top navigation allows the user to seamlessly navigate between sections.

Two templates to choose from (standard order template or one page order template)

Hide unwanted sections to keep the order process slick and clean. You can hide Products section, Additional Services, Add-ons, Hide Promo code etc

Use service groups or ids to filter from services to order

Filter out non-domain products, when the customer selects domain first.

Read full features of WHMCS one page checkout on

Logo Standard Order Page WHMCS Template for WordPress

This is WordPress implementation of standard WHMCS order form template. It works exactly the same as WHMCS Standard except for everything is performed within WordPress. It offers additional customization features common to WCOP.

Logo Features of WordPress WHMCS Order Templates

Option to change currency within the WP website.

Auto apply promo code for your campaigns.

Fully responsive WHMCS order page template (WHMCS checkout from)

Display WHMCS cart count and details within WordPress header

Customized templates in an efficient way, saving your customizations during updates.

Native WordPress techniques used, easy to customize using custom CSS.

Ajax based carts

Complete domain search, Domain registration, Transfer features.

Supports Product Configurable Options, Add-ons, and Custom Fields.

Supports new client sign ups along with client custom fields.

All order page WHMCS templates are completely based on WHMCS-API

All order pages template WHMCS response templates

Customizable WHMCS cart template to show in WP header.

Why web hosting companies need WHMCS Order Cart integration with WordPress?


When you use WHMCS with WordPress, your products on sales pages in WordPress and are linked to WHMCS. When a user clicks buy button, the user is redirected to WHMCS. If a customer needs to add another product he will either user WHMCS for it (which will offer a different experience than WordPress), or he will have to come back all the way So customer ends up in

Buying the product from WP but configures in WHMCS

Buying the first product in WP, but rest in WHMCS

As a result, the buyer feels uncomfortable switching between WHMCS and WordPress and resulting in cart abandonment.


Provide customers with a more consistent experience purchase experience with WordPress. This can be easily achieved with WHMCS Cart & Order Pages for WordPress.

We specializes in making responsive Order Process & Cart WHMCS Templates for WordPress

The traditional techniques of modifying premium WHMCS themes/templates to match order processes with your WordPress site is outdated now. With this WHMCS Plugin, you can have Custom WHMCS Template for ordering pages within the WordPress site. This solution has every tool to make the WHMCS shopping cart experience seamlessly integrate with your complex WordPress theme.

Note:Along with WHMCS API, WCAP uses WHMPress Helper – a custom extended WHMCS API for extended Ajax functionality. WHMPress is installed as an add-on module in WHMCS. WHMPress helper is not part of the WordPress Plugin; you can download it from the link provided in download package.

Note 2: If you are using a Tokenized Payment gateway, you will not save customers billing information during the order for any of WHMCS order form templates. The customer will be taken to the invoice page, where he will pay (just like third-party gateways).

Logo WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack, is a series of plugins designed and built for web hosts who sell with WHMCS & WordPress as frontend. Each plugin works independently and yet collaborates with other WHMPress plugins when installed.

There are three plugins and one Addon in WHMPress Integration Stack.

WHMCS Sale Pages for WordPress

WHMCS Cart & Order Pages

WHMCS Client Area Plugin

WHMCS Sliders & Comparison Tables (Addon for Sale Pages)

WHMCS Cart & Order Pages is under active development, and we welcome all the feedback from web hosts. Our support and tech quickly respond to bugs and suggestions. team.

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