WHMpress v5.3 - WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin

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Tried with most recent WHMCS.7.10.2 and WP 5.4 – Current Version. 5.5-update 2 WHMpress permits you to pull your WHMCS Products, Domains, and Prices into WordPress easily and just and show them in an assortment of ways including bundle...

Tried with most recent WHMCS.7.10.2 and WP 5.4 – Current Version. 5.5-update 2 

WHMpress permits you to pull your WHMCS Products, Domains, and Prices into WordPress easily and just and show them in an assortment of ways including bundle correlation tables, value records, and request catches. Customers will be taken to your WHMCS to finish their buy. On the off chance that you need to keep your customers on your WordPress site you ought to likewise buy our ' Client Area Add-on' accessible independently. 


WHMpress is made for web has in light of adaptability. It is exceptionally adaptable to (so it can coordinate) your current web composition. It will eleminate to go to and fro among WordPress and WHMCS to oblige value, bundle changes. Go for WHMpress to get the most extreme true serenity. 

Support Documentation Videos 

WHMpress has been intended for web has in view of adaptability. It is exceptionally adjustable, so it can coordinate your current web composition 

An expert module created for proficient webhosting organizations 

WHMpress brings your facilitating plan names, costs, request joins and space records from WHMCS and shows as extravagant estimating tables, request combos, request catches and area value tables. It offers you shortcodes to embed these parts any place you might want inside your WordPress webhosting website. 

WHMpress sync gets information from your WHMCS data set through into your WordPress information base, so any progressions you make in WHMCS can be immediately applied to your WordPress site by a straightforward sync – no compelling reason to enter the information twice. This likewise makes the presentation of information super-speedy. 

Worked without any preparation by a Webhosting organization with a profound love for WHMCS. WHMpress is your last stop with everything the devices you require to make an ideal web facilitating webpage out of WordPress and WHMCS, a completely stacked WHMCS Bridged and Integrated site to give you more choices to show your web facilitating administrations. 

WHMCS WordPress Integration viable with Visual Composer 

What People Say about WHMpress (WHMCS WordPress) Integration Concept 

Logo Top 7 WHMpress Features 

1. MultiCurrency 

WHMpress offers multi-cash estimating, let your end client to choose money from inside WP webpage while perusing the site. (not while putting in the request) [ Video ] 

2. Shortcodes Templates (Skins) 

WHMpress permits you to change the essence of all shortcodes offers. This is very usefull when you intend to coordinate complex valuing tables with your current WP subjects. In excess of 10 Pricing table formats/designs are incorporated + Plus a lot all the more coordinating with popular subjects. You can include the same number of as you may like[ Demo ] 

3. Reserve 

WHMpress reserves your costs, spaces records and all that else required into WordPress, so it doesn't need to get it from WHMCS without fail, giving you extreme execution. 

4. Auto Calculated Discounts 

WHMpress isn't only for reproducing evaluating from WHMCS. Its WP WHMCS mix goes above and beyond with computing limits that you are offering on multi-year evaluating and show directly into valuing tables and request joins. Indicating guests the amount they will spare is a demonstrated method to build deals [ Demo ] 

5. Coordinating Pricing tables (and different parts) for Famous Hosting Themes 

WHMpress offers coordinating componenets for most wiedly utilized subjects. What does implies? At the point when you place a valuing table in Avada, WHMpress will get costs from WHMCS and yield it as an Avada coordinating Pricing Table [ Video ] . You don't need to play with CSS to coordinate the evaluating table and different segments with your subject. Coordinating parts are being offered for following topics. 

On the off chance that coordinating parts for your subject are not accessible up 'til now send us a solicitation here, we will make coordinating shortcode formats include it in next update. 

6. Extremly adaptable Ajax Domain Search 

Ajax space search with a great deal of choices to play, directly inside your WP. Search and landing page yet show results on your space page. [ Video ] 

7. Multilingual Package Name and Details 

Abrogate Package/Service Name/Details as per language. 

What's more, an entire rundown of highlights that you won't find with some other WP-WHMCS extension or WP-WHMCS Integration arrangement. … look down for additional. 

Logo Ajax Domain Search 

Ajax based area search completely incorporated with WHMCS 

Over 540+ whois workers and developing with simple interface to include more whois worker. 

Supports New Domains 

Backing all cctlds (with or without whois worker) 

Various occurrences upheld Do not restrict the area search to one page just, Put the hunt box on top bar, slider or landing page and divert the outcomes to your space page. 

540+ Domains upheld 

Show proposed areas through Ajax (watch demo here) 

Mass hunt choice 

4 diverse Shortcodes to suit your particular needs. 

Separate shortcodes for space search and show results for extreme adaptability. 

Completely Customize your Messages for 

Redo space not accessible message 

Redo space accessible message 

Custom content for "area search button 

Redo place holder for space search box 

Modify area not accessible message for continuous proposals 

Change no of recommendations to show in each revive through Ajax 

Alternative to show your top selling tlds at top 

Logo Multilingual (WPML Compatible) 

WHMpress is currently multilingual prepared and backing WordPress standard interpretation technique utilizing .po/.mo records. All strings are prepared for interpretation for both backend and frontend. Presently accessible interpretations: 









Logo Extremely Flexible 

Since starting we realized our clients will be Hosts themselves (and not end clients), so we have made WHMpress in view of flexiblity. It is adaptable enough to embrace to any subject and change any shape. Think about this, Price shortcode (use to show cost of an item) have more than 10 boundaries that you can use to modify valuing. 

Logo Admin Area 

Everything is overseen through administrator zone and generally you don't have to visit WHMCS for indispensable item related data. 

Logo Shortcode Defaults 

This is a component you will once in a while find in any module. For power clients, they can set default esteems for each shortcode in administrator board. This causes them to abstain from setting up boundaries for each shortcode while embeddings. 

Logo Integrated however Isolated 

Stressed over your WHMCS security and worker and customers information? WHMCS secret phrase is never put away. Your WHMCS is 100% secure regardless of whether your front end WP bargains It is a safe WP-WHMCS Bridge arrangement. 

Logo High Speed 

WHMpress stores your WHMCS setups into WordPress once and afterward use it from inside the WordPress. This is the means by which WHMCS Bridge is made without bargaining rate and security. 

Logo Simple Setup: 

You should simply enter your WHMCS data once, and let WHMPress do the enchantment. It can't get easier than that. On the off chance that you know about WordPress and have a working website, it takes not exactly an hour to inspire your web-facilitating business with best WHMCS WordPress Integration. 

Logo Plenty of ShortCodes 

We have a shortcode for everything. There are more than 25 Shortcodes (With VisualComposer Components)

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