WooCommerce B2B Free Download


WooCommerce B2B Free DownloadWooCommerce B2B – #1 WooCommerce plugin to grow your businessWooCommerce B2B is the most complete solution to have a wonderful B2B store with WooCommerce.All the features you need to mana...

WooCommerce B2B Free Download

WooCommerce B2B – #1 WooCommerce plugin to grow your business

WooCommerce B2B is the most complete solution to have a wonderful B2B store with WooCommerce.

All the features you need to manage wholesale e-commerce: price lists, hidden prices, customer groups, VAT handling, approved customers, shipping and payments method management and so on… WooCommerce B2B does all of these, in only one plugin, to allow you to open your B2B e-commerce or add the B2B features to your B2C shop quickly and easily.


Unlike other plugins that require annual renewals, with WooCommerce B2B you have the most complete B2B suite available with a single payment and at a constant price! In addition, you have access, without extra cost, to all future updates, forever.

We are always working to add new features with targeted updates, which do not compromise the stability of your site.

Is the product right for your needs?


WooCommerce B2B allow you to have a full test drive, with its available demo:




To contact us and resolve your doubts, please go here to submit a ticket and we will get back to you shortly.

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Discover all the potential of WooCommerce B2B!


WooCommerce B2B is really simple to use, but at the same time very powerful. It has all the features that a successful B2B must have and even more: special and unique features, designed and developed by combining our experience and the requests of our users, to create a truly unique suite!

Why choose WooCommerce B2B over other plugins?

WooCommerce B2B is the first plugin of this kind, with a strong experience behind it that has allowed us to listen to the needs of our hundreds of satisfied users to make the plugin simple, complete and satisfactory.

In addition, our team has an obsessive attention to performance, a weak point of many plugins, but not of WooCommerce B2B!

But it’s not over here! Our project is long term, with the constant commitment to improve WooCommerce B2B, always adding the most useful and most requested features, our roadmap is already full of new ideas!

Take a look to the experiences of users who have trusted WooCommerce B2B and their satisfaction.

What makes WooCommerce B2B wonderful?

Here are some of the features most loved by our users, which make WooCommerce B2B the most chosen and desired plugin in its sector.

Unleash the potential of your online store thanks to the fantastic features of WooCommerce B2B, studied in detail to develop and grow your business.

Features in detail


Organize and group your customers to apply specific rules

Groups management

Specific rules for each group

Special groups

Enable/Disable payment methods and shipping methods for each group

Specific Terms&Conditions for each group

Hide product categories and pages for each group

Minimum purchase amount for each group

Add a order fee amount for each group

Prices management

Advanced prices management to differentiate product price lists

Different global percentage discount for all products for each group

Different dedicated prices (regular/sale) for each single product for each group

Both previous options cascading

Special prices by quantity

Hidden prices for guest customer or by group

Recommended retail prices (RRP) for B2B customers

Tax management

Advanced tax management to differetiate tax application and displaying

Prices tax included for B2C customers and tax excluded for B2B customers

Tax exemption by group or by country

Quotation system

Allow customers to ask for a quotation

At checkout, customer can pay, OR choose the “Quotation request” gateway

When customer choose “Quotation request”, receive an email notification

Shop manager can edit and adjust order items prices and notify customer

Customers can pay for the quotation

Dedicated section in customer my-account section

Registration management

Moderate and extend customer registration

Allow customers you want to approve and allow them to login and purchase

Extend registration form with billing data

VAT number support with validation

Restict entire website access to registered customers

Products management

Advanced features to manage products search and purchase

Live search to improve searching performance

Search by SKU to improve searching performance

Restrict product adding to cart to Min/Max quantity and steps (packages)

Special Integrations with WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents

We have integrated WooCommerce B2B to work perfectly with our popular WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin.

The following features REQUIRE WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents also installed and active:

Organize customers into groups and choose a default group for each customer registered by sales agent

Definition of roles and capabilities

WooCommerce B2B offers new features that add to default ones of WooCommerce, here are the main ones:


Manage groups

Assign a group to customers

Change status of customer accounts

Set a dedicated price by group for each product

Set dedicated tier prices by group for each product

Set minimum, maximum and package quantities for each product

Set pages and product categories visibility by group

Select payment methods by group

Select shipping methods by group

Set up tax exemption by group

Set a minimum purchase amount by group

Set an additional order fee by group

Manage quotes

What CUSTOMER can do?

Search products by SKU

Make large orders via CSV file

Choose his own group

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