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Transfer any document any size from the item, truck, chckout, thank you, and additionally request subtleties pages! See pictures, include extra costs, charges, and a lot more alternatives! LIVE DEMO (PLEASE REPORT IF IT IS NOT WORKING) url:

Transfer any document any size from the item, truck, chckout, thank you, and additionally request subtleties pages! See pictures, include extra costs, charges, and a lot more alternatives! 



client: demo 

pass: demo 



Step by step instructions to AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE THE PLUGIN 

To get programmed refreshes simply introduce and design the Envato updater module: .The oficial guide that discloses how to arrange it tends to be found in the accompanying connection: . 


The client will have the option to transferat least one documents from the Product page, Order Detail page, as well as during the checkout cycle as indicated by the bougt things … all done utilizing visual advancement bars! All the transfers will be limited to the request and alternatively to explicit items 

Shop administrator will discover these transfers legitimatly on the backend Order detail page or as a discretionary component they can be shipped off the shop administrator email address. 

Note: The module underpins justlocal WooCommerce item types (basic and variable), it doesn't have any help for custom item types executed by third paty modules. 

Note: The module, as WordPress, requires a base 5.6 PHP form.

Step by step instructions to CONFIGURE 

It's basic! To design another transfer field go to Upload records Configurator menu and include another Upload field. 

Once made, the administrator has simply to arrange in which page the field must be shown (Product, Cart, Checkout, Order sutleties) and design its "perceivability" as per the separating measures (empowered/crippled for explicit items, classes or for each thing). 

This will make one transfer field for each coordinating item (and alternatively likewise for each andevery variation as indicated by certain limitations if there should arise an occurrence of Product page) showed in the chose pages! 

Besides, for an all the more profound customization, is likewise conceivable to indicate some different alternatives like: 

Field title 

HTML/CSS depiction 

HTML/CSS text appeared after te transfer has been finished (it's likewise conceivable to utilize some uncommon shortcodes to show record list with picture/sound see) 

max uploadable record size 

max and min pictures width, stature and DPI (works just whenever transferred documents are jpg/pn. DPI information is perused from picture EXIF. In the event that it has not a substantial EXIF information the transfer won't be allowed) 

permitted document types

email notices 

empower various records transfer per single field 

… and significantly more! 


WCUF presently permits you to spare transferred records on your DropBox or Amazon S3 account! 

Once empowered th uncommon choice on the module Options menu, at whatever point a request is put at the checkout (or when the client spares the tranfers in the Order page), all the impermanent transferred documents will be moved from the worker to your DropBox/S3 account! 

The module will make  organizer in your DropBox account under Applications - > WooCommerce Upload Files - > site_name - > {order_id} where recordswill be spared. In the event that the transfer are limited to prouct, you will locate an extra sub index product_id-variation_id. 

Inthe event of association mistakes with DropBox… don't stress! Documents will be typically kept on nearby worker and you will beordinarily ready to oversee them by means of the request subtleties page! You will get a notice email announcing mistakes subtleties. 

NOTE: Keep as a main priority that brief records are as yet saved money on your nearby worker, they will beerased once moved to DropBox. Ensure that max_execution_time (content max execution time) PHP setting is appropriately arrangd, in any case File move measure from worker to DropBox may bomb if there should arise an occurrence of huge record dealing with. 


WooCommerce Upload records permit you to transfer a boundless number of docuents, with no document size limitation. Because of its imaginative piece transfer innovation, it can transfer any record without limitation. 


As Shop Admin, would you like to be advised at whatevr point a client transfers a record and you need to get the download interface straightforwardly by means of email? Presently you can! 

For each transfer field, you would now be able to empower an "Email warning" alternative. 

In the event that you like you can likewise get the transferred records legitimately in your inox, because of the "Append transferred document" choice. Moreover you can likewise indicate various beneficiaries email addresses! 

NOTE: Some workers have limitations forestalling wp_email() to send connectios greater than 5mb. In the event that you are encountering this sort of issue, you can just introduce any SMTP emailer module This sort of modules will let you utilize any outside email administrations (like Gmail, Outlook, any SMTP worker) to send messages. 


The WCUF module inserts a harvest picture editorial manager that permits your clients to trim a picture before transferring it. 

To empower the inserted proofreader, the shop administator has quite recently to empower the choice in the Image media record area in the transfer field design device and set the Cropped pcture width and Cropped picture stature esteems. These qualities are the sizes that the picture will have in the wake of editing measure. 

Note o turn: revolution measure is performed worker side. In caso of huge pictures, ensure that your worker has enough dispensed memor in any case the pivot cycle may fall flat. To expand worker memory take a stab at altering the wp-confing.php record embedings the accompanying proclamation: characterize( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '1024M' ); (where 1024M is the memory you wish to dispene, have a go at expanding on the off chance that it is no enough) or alter the PHP.ini document expanding the memory_limit setting. 


Alternatively, iscurrently conceivable to transfer records likewise before adding thing to the truck! (for this situation, a few highlights are not accessible) 

Shop administrator can design the transfer fields to be obvious straightforwardly on the Product page! 

Thusly, your clients can transfer  document (or numerous records as indicated by the "different documents for single field" choice) legitimately from the item page. 

NOTE: Upload fields naturally are relted to particular items in truck. So if the client is including for instance Product 1 (amount 3) and you have made 2 transfer handle, th module will show just 2 transfer fields not 6 (on the grounds that there is just 1 item in truck with amount 3, not 3 unmistakable items). 

In the event that you need to include a similar item on numerous occasions to truck (in this way he module will relate unmistakable transfer fields for every thing in truck) utilize the Individual items highlight clarified straightaway. 

In the event of variable item page, if the field has been arranged to be obvious before adding to the truck and checked the Eable one transfer field for each and every item variety alternative, it will be demonstrated just once a variety has been chosen. More in ubtleties: The client needs to pick a minor departure from the item page and once done, the module will show the related transfer field. 

Moreover is likewise conceivable determine wherethe transfers fields box must be shown (previously/after factor alternatives dropdowns, item depiction, and so on) or utilizing he unique [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] you can deliver the transfer structure inside any item text region supporting shortcodes! 

NOTE: Make sure the topic utilized is utilizing all the principles woocommerce item page layout snares. 

On the off chance that the [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] is utilized the standard transfer field managment for Product ages MUST been debilitated (to do that Options - > Forced handicapping transfer fields standard managment - > Product pages ) 


OK prefer to include a similar item various occasions to the ruck so as to transfer particular records? For instance, you need to sell Business cards so you might want to permit your clients to dd that item on numerous occasions to truck and afterward transfer unmistakable documents for every thing? Presently you can! 

Utilizing the Individual items configurator you have simply to choose the item or potentially th classes you wish to be sold as a person. In this manner each time the clients include one of the chose items, the module will add to thetruck as an unmistakable item. Along these lines, the client will be capable di transfer various documents for every thing in the truck. 


Each transfer can be arraged to be obvious on truck, checkout, and requests pages! Check module alternatives to inevitably change field situating!


Shop administrator can likewise empower the necessary choice. For this situation on the shop page for all the items coordinating the transfer field, the Add to truck catches are debilitated and supplanted by a View button that powers Customer to enter in the item page.

In the item page if the field has been designed to be noticeable before the item is added to the truck, the module will attempt to shroud the add to truck button (with some topic not 100% WooCommerce consistent this element couldn't work). So the client is compelled to transfer records before he is capable the thing to the truck. 

Besides, on Checkout page, if all not the needed transfers have not been played out, the client won't have the option to submit the request! The module will show a notification telling the Customer which transfers are absent.

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