Wordfence Security Premium v7.3.5

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Protect your websites with the best WordPress security availableWordfence runs at the endpoint, your worker, giving preferred insurance over cloud options. Cloud firewalls can be circumvent d have generally experienced information spills. Wordfence firewall use client personality data in over...

Protect your websites with the best WordPress security available

Wordfence runs at the endpoint, your worker, giving preferred insurance over cloud options. Cloud firewalls can be circumvent d have generally experienced information spills. Wordfence firewall use client personality data in over 85% of our firewall rules, something cloud firewalls don't approach. What's more, our firewall doesn't have to break start to finish encryption like cloud arrangements. 


It's All About The Data 

Our information is the thing that makes the firewall and 

scanner viable, move up to Premium to 

empower ongoing insurance. 

Get familiar with WORDFENCE PREMIUM 

Complete Attacks Blocked 


Most recent 30 Days 

Malignant IPs Blacklisted 


Most recent 30 Days 

The best security accessible 

WordPress Firewall 

Wordfence incorporates a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that recognizes and hinder malignant traffic. It runs at the endpoint, empowering profound coordination with WordPress. Dissimilar to cloud choices it doen't break encryption, can't be skirted and can't spill information. A coordinated malware scanner blocks demands that incorporate mlignant code or substance. Shields against savage power assaults by restricting login endeavors, implementing solid passwords ad other login safety efforts. Moving up to Premium empowers continuous firewall rule and malware signature refreshes just as th Real-time IP Blacklist, which impedes all solicitations from the most malevolent IPs, ensuring your site while diminishing burden. 

Wordfence Firewall 

Unmatched identification abilities 

WordPress Security Scanner 

The Wordfence scannr checks center documents, subjects and modules for malware, terrible URLs, indirect accesses, SEO spam, malevolent diverts an code infusions. It likewise contrasts your records and what is in the vault, checking their honesty and detailing any proressions to you. Fix records that have changed by overwriting them with a perfect, unique adaptation and effectively erase any ocuments that don't have a place. It additionally checks your site for known security weaknesses, deserted and shut modules. Contentwellbeing checks guarantee that your records, posts and remarks don't contain hazardous URLs or dubious substance. Moving up o Premium empowers continuous malware signature refreshes, notoriety checks and better power over sweep timing and recurrence. 

Wordfence Scanner 

Wordfence Medallion 

The best danger insight in the business 

Danger Defense Feed 

The Threat Defense Feed arms the Wordfence module with the freshest firewall rules, malware marks, and pernicious IP deliversit needs to protect your site. Wordfence secures more than 3 million WordPress sites, giving us unparalleled admittance to data out how programmers bargain locales, where assaults begin from and the malignant code they abandon. Our security investigator and engineers are 100% centered around WordPress security, continually including refreshes as they find new dangers. Premium individuals get the continuous rendition of the Threat Defense Feed. Free clients get the network adaptation, which is deferred by 30 days. 

Wordfence Central 

Wordfence Central is an amazing and productive approach to deal with the security for various destinations in a single spot. 

Find out MORE 

Wordfence Central 

All the more Powerful Features 

Spilled Password Protection 

Ensure your site against assults that influence secret phrase data taken in information breaks. Square logins for directors utilizing known traded off passwords. 

Spilled Password Protection 

Information penetrates have becoe very normal of late, outfitting assailants with a huge number of usernames, passwords and other delicate information. We are lamtably observing assaults on WordPress destinations in the wild utilizing this data. 

Remain a Step Ahead of Attackers 

Wordfence currently incorporates insurance against this particular danger. The element permits yu to hinder logins for overseers that utilization a known traded off secret phrase. Any overseer utilizing a secret key recently found in apenetrate should reset their secret key to sign in. Also, we stay up with the latest with the most recent breaks as the happen. We've one this by incorporating our login security with the information base gave by Troy Hunt's adaptation 2 of the Pwned Passwords API.Troy has manufactured a significant rundown of countless traded off passwords across several information penetrates. Find out MORE 


Live Traffic


Watch programers attempting to break into your site at this moment. Screen visits and hack endeavors not appeared in different examination budles and see endeavors continuously; remembering where for the world they're originating from, their IP address and the hour of day. 

Watch guests sign all through your site progressivey. There are numerous situations where it is useful to see who is signing all through your site. In the event that you believe that you've een hacked you can hope to see who has signed in, when they did and where they originated from. In the event that you are seeing a immense spike in animal power login endeavors, you can utilize the data to build up a hindering procedure. Perceivability into whichusernames aggressors are utilizing during secret word speculating assaults makes you aware of usernames you may need to change. 

Watch Google Crawl our Site In Real Time. In case you're similar to most site proprietors, SEO matters. Screen Google as it slithers your site to see whichpages are being crept and which aren't. Distinguish issues like slithering non-existent pages and missing robots.txt documents. 

Watchsite guests utilize your site progressively; remembering where for the world they're originating from, their IP address and the hour of day. 

Shield your protected innovation from content cheats. Content hoodlums are crawlers that take your webpage content and ard-won brand acknowledgment by slithering your website for substance and republishing it on their own site. Monitor your substance. 

Square maverick crawlers prgressively. On the off chance that a person or thing is producing many "page not discovered blunders" or devouring substance too forefully, they're probably planning something sinister. Square them with Wordfence, and account for Google crawlers to work unhindered. 


Progressed Manual Blocking 

Rapidly and productively block whole malignant rganizations and any human or robot movement that demonstrates dubious goals dependent on design coordinating and IP ranges. 

Progressed Manual Blocking 

Amazing choices permit you to impede traffic from any source 

Rapidly and productively dispatch site security dangers by obstructing whole noxious orgaizations and any human or robot action that demonstrates dubious expectations dependent on design coordinating and IP ranges. 

Wordfence causes you shrewdly block WordPress site dangers by enabling you to: 

Square scopes of IP addresses (Think of these as organizations) 

Explicit internet browsers and internet browser designs 

Alluding sites 

Any mix of the abovementioned 


Nation Blocking 

Hinderig nations who are plainly captivating in noxious movement is a viable method to secure your site during an assault. Premium Feature. 

Nation Blocking 

Set up geographic assurance 

Wordfece nation impeding is intended to stop an assault, forestall content robbery or end malignant movement that begins from a geograhic district in under 1/300,000th of a second. Impeding nations who are consistently making fizzled logins, an enormous numberof page not discovered mistakes or are plainly captivating in pernicious action is a viable method to secure your site during an assault. 

Wordfence Country Blocking gives you these alternatives to ensure your WP site: 

Square admittance to your login structur

Square admittance to the remainder of your WordPress site 

Admittance to a consistently refreshed information base of nation to IP mappings 

You'll discover significantly more alternatives in Advanced Blocking 


Fix Files 

Wordfence utilizes our source code check highlight t assist you with recouping from a hack. It mentions to you what changed in center, topic and module records and helps fix them. 

Fix Files 

Don't simply discover tainted documents. See the progressions and fix them 

Wordfence utilizes our source code confirmation highlight to mention to you what has changed and hlp fix hacked documents. Sponsored by our cloud workers (over a terabyte of information), Wordfence checks the honesty of yor center records, topic documents and module documents against what is put away in the authority WordPress archive. We eep up a record of each WordPress center, topic and module document ever delivered to the official store to give this element. 

After Wordfence has made you aware of document transforms, you can: 

Perceive how records have changed, something just Wordfence does 

Download the first record to contrast unique with current 

View and fix the record by overwriting with a flawless, unique variant 


Two-Factor Authentication 

Stop beast power assaults for all time by utilizing one of the most secure types of distant framework confirmation accessible.

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