WPTF v1.4.6 - WordPress Theme Framework

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WPTF - WordPress Theme FrameworkY WordPress Theme – OverviewA combination of unique features make this Framework the most flexible, productivity oriented...

WPTF - WordPress Theme Framework

Y WordPress Theme – Overview

A combination of unique features make this Framework the most flexible, productivity oriented and simple to use WordPress Framework ever built. You will be able to develop better websites faster and with features never possible before. All the work for this project is finalized to improve the productivity, the flexibility and the simplicity. This is possible thanks to innovative concepts and a set of unique features not available on others prodcuts.

Unique features – Only with WPTF

CUSTOMIZATION POWER With 1000+ options and 70+ advanced components you can insert into your website almost all the required features. In combination with the HTML version, the Framework Y, you can also coding custom features in minutes.

DEMOS AND SKINS Custom design in 5 minutes and one-click demo impor feature. The imported demos will be exactly as the original..

HYBRID COMPOSER Combine the flexibility and power of code development with the simplicity of a visual composer. Hybrid composer improve every feature of existing page builders and add news one more powerful. Based on the low level modularity concept.

LISTS – POST TYPES All common themes implement only the portfolio post type, and without customization options. WPTF allow you to create all post types you want, with the features you want and with the contents you want. With simplicity and in few minutes.

PRODUCTIVITY Time is the most precious value in this industry. Build a website in less time mean save money. We worked hard to implement features for reach this goal, the result is great. You can develop a web site truly faster than with the other themes.

SIMPLICITY Current websites are still too difficult to be used by not tech people, like most of your clients. WPTF split the developing stage from the manage stage. The locked mode feature block the page and allow users to edit only the contents like text and images.

PERFORMANCE We tested the performance with a 50$year shared hosting, server side load instantaneously like a empty Wordpress installation. Client side load only the required CSS and JS files. The average pages size is about 200% smaller than other themes.

UNIQUE 2X DOCUMENTATION Inspired to Bootstrap. The most big and advanced documentation ever built. Use the HTML documentation of Framework Y for advanced customization and live preview. Use the Wordpress documentation for the Wordpress side.

Other features

These features are only a small part of all the features available with WPTF. The customization power is truly impressive.

  • Sections layout (fullwidth or boxed)
  • Content layout (no sidebars, left sidebar, right sidebar, both sidebars)
  • Background image template
  • Background slider template
  • Background video template
  • Fullpage template
  • Twosides template
  • One-pages websites
  • Countless options
  • Header position (static top, fixed top, fixed left)
  • Enable or disable Navbar Search, socila icons, WPML menu and more
  • Logo upload, secondary logo, favicon
  • Header custom contents
  • Enable or disable topbar
  • Topbar content for custom contents or secondary navigation, WPML menu, social icons
  • 3 footer types
  • Bottom footer content (accepts HTML input)
  • Custom blog pages with the composer
  • Custom blog layouts
  • Custom archives styles
  • Custom archives layouts
  • Excerpt, featured image, and 2 extra values for every post type
  • Custom URL slug for your portoflio items
  • Auto cropped images
  • Custom portfolio pages
  • Custom portfilo items
  • Responsive 100%
  • Custom.js activation
  • Custom.css activation
  • Custom.php activation
  • Child theme support
  • WPML 100% compatible and integrated
  • Lists – post types engine
  • 4 Custom colors
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS
  • 100+ Menu options
  • 12 menus
  • Side menu
  • Classic side menu
  • Lateral dropdown menu
  • Hamburger button
  • Transparent style for every menu
  • Mega menu
  • Native Wordpress menu administration for all menu types, also mega menu with tabs
  • Tabbed mega menu
  • Full width or boxed mega menu
  • Full page website
  • Horizontal full page websites
  • Icon, dotted, text fullpage menus
  • Client performance: avarage 140KB JS+CSS
  • Server side performance: instantaneous
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Revolution Slider included
  • Comments support
  • Categories support
  • Search
  • WP pagination, HTML pagination, HTML Load more for all post types
  • Full HTML version, the Framework Y
  • 3 dedicated widgets: recent post types, categories, search


These components are different from common and poor components of others page builders like Visual Composer. They use advanced user-friendly layout and give you an incredibile big set of options. Most of them are totally unique, available only with WPTF.

  • Title H1-H6
  • Subtitle
  • Text block
  • Text editor
  • Wordpress editor
  • Button
  • Image
  • Image box
  • Advanced image box
  • Content box
  • Blog box
  • Testimonials box
  • Team box
  • Pricing table
  • Call to action
  • Icon list
  • Icon list simple
  • Text list
  • Icon links
  • Icon box
  • Counter
  • Countdown
  • Progress bar
  • Circle progress bar
  • Timeline
  • Google map
  • Social feeds
  • Social share buttons
  • Quote
  • Space
  • Separator
  • Table
  • Inner menu
  • Contact form
  • Video
  • Grid table
  • Scroll box
  • Slider and images slider
  • Coverflow and images Coverflow
  • Tabs
  • Collapse
  • Accordion
  • Popover
  • Grid list
  • Masonry list
  • Album
  • Background icon box
  • Fixed area
  • Grid list – Lists – Post Types
  • Masonry list – Lists – Post Types
  • Slider – Lists – Post Types
  • Coverflow – Lists – Post Types
  • Category menu – Lists – Post Types
  • Tag cloud – Lists – Post Types
  • Post informations – Lists – Post Types
  • Navigation – Lists – Post Types

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) – A lot of people boast about search engine optimization. We actually have data to back it up.

Translation Ready – WPTF is translation ready and integrate the WPML menu natively.

Unlimited Styling – Trust us on this: virtually any layout or design you can think of is possible with WordPress Theme Framework.

Multisite Tested– WordPress Theme Framework has been tested across numerous multi-site setups (all our demos use a single multisite installations).

Child Theme Compatible – Y is child theme compatible, child theme folder is included in all Y packages.

ross Browser Compatibility – No browser is left behind with the Y WordPress Theme! ( Google Chrome – Firefox – Safari – Opera – Internet Explorer 9+).

Y WordPress Theme – Overview 

A mix of novel highlights make this Framework the most adaptable, efficiency ituated and easy to utilize WordPress Framework ever manufactured. You will have the option to grow better sites quicker and with hghlights never conceivable. All the work for this undertaking is concluded to improve the efficiency, the adaptability and the efortlessness. This is conceivable gratitude to imaginative ideas and a bunch of remarkable highlights not accessible on others prodcuts. 

Novel highlights – Only with WPTF 

CUSTOMIZATION POWER With 1000+ choices and 70+ progressed parts you can embed into your site practially all the necessary highlights. In mix with the HTML form, the Framework Y, you can likewise coding custom highlights in minutes. 

DEMOS AND SKINS Custom plan shortly and a single tick demo impor highlight. The imported demos will be actually as the first.. 

Cross breed COMOSER Combine the adaptability and intensity of code improvement with the effortlessness of a visual writer. Crossover author iprove each element of existing page manufacturers and add news one all the more remarkable. In light of the low level seclusion idea. 

Records – POST TYPS All regular topics execute just the portfolio post type, and without customization choices. WPTF permit you to make all post types ou need, with the highlights you need and with the substance you need. With straightforwardness and in a couple of moments minutes. 

Pofitability Time is the most valuable incentive in this industry. Fabricate a site in less time mean set aside cash. We endeavored toexecute highlights for arrive at this objective, the outcome is incredible. You can build up a site really quicker than with different topics. 

Effortlessness Current sis are still too hard to be in any way utilized by not tech individuals, as the majority of your customers. WPTF split the creating stage from the oversee stage. The bolted mode highlight block the page and permit clients to alter just the substance like content and pictures. 

Execution We trie the presentation with a 50$year shared facilitating, worker side burden immediately like a void Wordpress establishment. Cstomer side burden just the necessary CSS and JS records. The normal pages size is about 200% more modest than different subjects. 

Extraordinary X DOCUMENTATION Inspired to Bootstrap. The most huge and progressed documentation ever constructed. Utilize the HTML documetation of Framework Y for cutting edge customization and live see. Utilize the Wordpress documentation for the Wordpress side.

Different highlights 

These highlights ar just a little piece of the apparent multitude of highlights accessible with WPTF. The customization power is genuinely amazing. 

Areas format (fullwidth or boxed)

  • Content design (no sidebars, left sidebar, right sidebar, the two sidebars)
  • Foundation picture format 
  • Foundation slider format
  • Foundation video format 
  • Fullpage format 
  • Twosides format 
  • One-pages sites 
  • Endless alternatives 
  • Header position (static top, fixed top, fixed left) 
  • Empower or cripple Navbar Search, socila symbols, WPML menu and that's just the beginning 
  • Logo transfer, auxiliary logo, favicon 
  • Header custom substance 
  • Empower or cripple topbar 
  • Topbar content for custom substance or auxiliary route, WPML menu, social symbols 
  • 3 footer types 
  • Base footer content (acknowle HTML input) 
  • Custom blog pages with the writer 
  • Custom blog designs 
  • Custom files styles 
  • Custom files designs 
  • Portion, included picture, and 2 additional qualities for each post type 
  • Custom URL slug for your portoflio things 
  • Auto edited pictures 
  • Custom portfolio pages 
  • Custom portfilo things 
  • Responsive 100% 
  • Custom.js actuation 
  • Custom.css actuation 
  • Custom.php actuation 
  • Youngster subject help 
  • WPML 100% viable and coordinated 
  • Records – post types motor 
  • 4 Custom tones 
  • Custom CSS 
  • Custom JS 
  • 100+ Menu alternatives 
  • 12 menus 
  • Side menu 
  • Exemplary side menu 
  • Parallel dropdown menu 
  • Burger button 
  • Straightforward style for each menu
  • Super menu 
  • Local Wordpress menu organization for all menu types, additionally uber menu with

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