YouTube Plugin – WordPress YouTube Gallery Free Download


YouTube Plugin – WordPress YouTube Gallery Free DownloadPrepare your website for showing YouTube videos in the best way. Yottie is a powerful WordPress plugin for YouTube, which your website deserves. It allows selecting...

YouTube Plugin – WordPress YouTube Gallery Free Download

Prepare your website for showing YouTube videos in the best way. Yottie is a powerful WordPress plugin for YouTube, which your website deserves. It allows selecting the desired channels and even single videos for creating your own playlist right on your website.

Download 100+ Adjustable Parameters, 4 color schemes and 16 languages support. In short, you will get tons of things to customize. Our WordPress YouTube video gallery is fully responsive so that you will be able to cover the wide audience with any type of browsing device.

Let it play on your site!

ottie Amazubed Features

Okay, you’ve already checked out main features of our YouTube Video Gallery plugin. But there is a lot more to come! All in all, Yottie has more than 100 parameters for individual customization.


Attach your official profile or organize a list of desired videos

Show any YouTube feed in gallery plugin on your WordPress website

Share as many content as you want

Add widget for YouTube website translation by using different combinations of channels, playlists and single recordings

Just insert URL of the needed source

Sort your videotapes with one of 6 available order fields: date, views, likes, dislikes, position, comments

Display your YouTube videos in a random order

Define how long data from the specified sources will be cached in a browser


Divide content into custom groups

Unlimited number of sources in each group

Name each group yourself


Set width of your WordPress YouTube video plugin

Yottie is responsive and retina ready on any device

Choose the number of columns and rows in the WordPress YouTube video gallery

Settle the gutter between each video preview


Show or hide the header of your WordPress plugin

Customize fully header’s appearance

Choose 1 of 3 header layouts in your player: Classic, Accent, Minimal

8 info elements to turn on/off: Logo, Banner, Channel name and description, Recordings counter, Subscribers counter, Views counter, Subscribe button

Add custom YouTube channel name

Embed custom description about the chosen profile

Select custom channel logo by pointing its URL

Paste URL of custom header banner


3 navigation controls for easy pagination in WordPress YouTube widget for website: Arrows, Scroll, Drag

Turn on/off Free Mode of video gallery scrolling

Choose one of 5 available effects of content sliding: slide, fade, coverflow, cube, flip

Adjust the animation speed of sliding

Set horizontal or vertical direction of scrolling in YouTube embed plugin for WordPress

Specify the time of automatic feed scroll by using the auto option

Adjust the grid size depending on the window width

Our WordPress YouTube widget supports 16 languages


3 preview layouts are at your service in YouTube plugin for website: Classic, Cinema, Horizontal

8 info elements to turn on/off: Play icon, Duration, Title, Date, Description, Views counter, Likes counter, Comments counter

Choose 1 of 3 ways to watch videotapes: in popup, in the WordPress widget and directly on YouTube


Switch on/off autoplay while opening in popup

12 info elements to turn on/off: Title, Account logo and its name, Subscribe button, Views counter, Likes counter, Dislikes counter, Likes ratio, Date, Description, Description more button, Comments


Choose any color for Header, Groups, Content and Popup of YouTube video Gallery on your website

In total Yottie has customizable color of 60 UI elements

Don’t want to spend time painting the WordPress gallery yourself? Use one of our ready-made color Schemes: default, dark, red and deep blue


Feel the comfort of using the new admin UI while customizing your plugin for YouTube

Use the power of our online builder for editing options, seeing a live preview and receiving a special html shortcode

Use Yottie with one of the most popular page-builders for WordPress – WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer). VC Yottie element is available with all customization opportunities

YouTube video WordPress widget checks automatically new updates. You will be notified and able to update the plugin in WordPress admin panel if a new version is available.


Yottie has so many parameters that it takes time to think out values of all YouTube plugin’s parameters. We’ve prepared several examples of how YouTube widget for WordPress can be used on a website.

Custom Color Gallery – choose the desired channel, show its header and video slider with any color scheme you want. This variant is more likely what you can see on YouTube. Furthermore, web visitors can subscribe the account right on your website.

Shutter Video Playlist – download the plugin, and then use a tight video grid with a vertical scroll for a compact position on your web page. Shutter animation effect will add an entertaining effect.

• Loony Carousel – just want to show cool videos from YouTube? Add YouTube gallery plugin to your admin panel, disable header and show only the most interesting content. Use horizontal scroll and carousel animation effect for the best user experience.

Single Video – maybe you want to embed YouTube video presentations of your product on its web page? Display one video easily using 100+ customizable parameters of Yottie.

Cinema Video Gallery – show YouTube channel gallery for WordPress without any description or additional text. Just show what everyone is looking for – videos! While aiming at any video in the grid, its description will appear on hover by turning on such function.

Simple Video Grid – install Yottie and exclude any disturbing elements of the video player. Turn off the header, all info elements, adjust animation and colors and here you are! The grid is ready.

Structured Video Channel – your YouTube channel has a great number of different videos and you’d like to upload them on your site by subject groups? Use YouTube gallery for website and create a feed, which will include any existing or custom group. That is the closest case to the original YouTube UI.

How to Embed WordPress YouTube video Gallery on your Website?

Embedding our WordPress YouTube plugin will only take a couple of minutes and ill not require any developing skills. Here’s a brief installation guide:

Purchase the plugin

Add the plugin to your admin panel

Set the sources and customize the look

Add plugin code to the required page


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