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Zeen | Next Generation Magazine WordPress ThemeZeen News & Magazine WordPress Theme for 2021Zeen is a next generation news & magazine WordPress theme. You’ve literally never seen or used...

Zeen | Next Generation Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen News & Magazine WordPress Theme for 2021

Zeen is a next generation news & magazine WordPress theme. You’ve literally never seen or used a theme that looks or works like this before. Zeen can quickly be mastered by users of any skill level. Power your creative ideas and create a beautiful, silky-smooth and highly unique magazine, personal blog, newspaper, reviews site or even full blown WooCommerce shop. Ideal for all types of niches, including travel, viral, food and news sites.

  • Blocks can be set to show posts/pages/products and even custom post types, which if you have any, will automatically appear as an option.
  • Blocks look great instantly without having to customise anything or write custom css code.
  • Huge amount of blocks out-of-the-box, including ones for grids, sliders, video players, call to action, buttons, Instagram, Twitch livestream, Author, blockquotes, etc. User requests and suggestions will shape the type of blocks added in the future updates.
  • Import/Export layouts to quickly re-use your designs, create backups or share with other users.
  • Global No Duplicates option
  • Each block can be set to load/not load on mobile and load/not load on desktops, allowing you to create completely different desktop/mobile layouts if you wish
  • A truly pro premium builder included that anyone can learn to use
  • Use the Tipi Builder for your homepage/pages/category/tag/custom taxonomy pages too
  • Can be used on a site that uses Gutenberg with no problems
  • The most intuitive and advanced builder ever made to quickly create your dream site.
  • Monetisation Opportunities

    Here are some options in Zeen to help you improve the monetisation of your sites.

    • Patreon icons and links
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Ads can be placed practically anywhere. Including automatic insertion before/middle/end of post content.
    • Site Background Ad
    • Add stylish affiliate in your review
    • Slide In Promo Box
    • WooCommerce Quickview functionality
    • Add stylish affiliate in your info boxes
    • Advanced Newsletter Subscription integration
    • Newsletter Subscription appears when user tries to leave site
    • Advanced Shop functionality, integration and design
    • Beautiful Call To Action Blocks in the Tipi Builder
    • Beautiful Button Blocks in the Tipi Builder

    Making Zeen the perfect affiliate theme.

    Trending Functionality

    Codetipi pioneered the ability to show your trending articles beautifully. Zeen takes it to a next level, with stunning trending megamenus and the ability to make any block in the Tipi Builder show your trending articles (globally or from specific category/tag).


    Codetipi pioneered the ability to have completely different articles layouts in the WordPress theme world. Zeen takes it all to new heights, allowing you to create stunning articles every time, in the exact way you want. From minimal text articles to highly-visual photo stories, you can make each article feel the way it was always meant to feel like. No other theme on the market has the flexibility, options and design to create such stunning and special articles so easily.

    Here are just a handful of examples:

    • Sponsored Post With Sticky Side Info
    • Recipe Post
    • Paginated Slider Post
    • Modern Review #2
    • Vertical Image Style #3
    • Stunning Full-screen Gallery
    • Wide YouTube And Image Embeds
    • Vertical Image Style #2
    • Video Post Opens in Lightbox
    • Special Video Post
    • Related Posts Under Header
    • Live Blog
    • Stylish Product
    • Parallax Featured Image and Review
    • Modern Review #1
    • ... And so many more, click here to explore more


    Pages can also use Zeen’s advanced featured image style and layout system to make even the most boring of text pages more attractive and engaging.

    Fully Responsive and Retina Ready

    Visitors expect a great mobile experience and Zeen delivers a silky smooth, clean and modern experience that will leave your visitors impressed. Zeen’s mobile design and features were meticulously designed to look and feel amazing no matter the size or type of the screen. Have a look for yourself, simply open on your phone to open different demos.

    Sponsored Posts

    Zeen comes with an exclusive Sponsored Posts system to add another layer to your site’s monetisation possibilities. You can set the sponsor name, logo and link. Here are some examples from the demos:

    • Sponsored Post With Sticky Side Info
    • Sponsored Post Big Featured Image

    Background Takeover Ad Feature

    Zeen allows you to easily set a background image to your site and give it a link to create a background takeover ad. You also have an option to adjust the spacing above the site – perfect for ads that want to show something at the top of the site. The Tipi Builder also has spacing blocks that can be set to be transparent to allow you to see the background ad through the site as you scroll down.

    Reading Mode (Daytime and nighttime modes)

    Visitors love reading in the dark and many wish they could make the background dark with light text for better readibility. Enter Zeen’s super lightweight Reading Mode feature. With one on/off option you can add a button to the sticky menu that appears when reading an article. This button allows your visitors to change the mode of your article to either be daytime mode (dark text on light background) or nighttime mode (light text on dark background) whenever they want. Your visitors will love your site that bit more.

    Infinite loading and scrolling

    Using the very latest technologies, Zeen comes with some of the fastest Ajax loading performance ever seen in a theme. Some possibilities include:

    • Infinite Post Scroll Loading. When a user reaches the end of a post, instantly load the next one below. You won’t believe how fast it is – Must see: Click here to open Zeen Comics Demo to see it in action
    • Infinite Scroll on homepage/tags/categories
    • Load More Button on any block on the homepage/tags/categories to load more posts to the page without refreshing
    • Load More Button that turns into Infinite Scroll after first click
    • Previous/Next Button on any block on the homepage/tags/categories/megamenus/related posts to navigate through posts inside the block

    Review Functionality (World Exclusive)

    Zeen comes bundled with the incredible and premium Let’s Review plugin. You can see the full presentation showing all the features for Let’s Review by clicking here.

    Some Let’s Review feature highlights:

    • Choose from several unique high-quality designs for each review
    • Monetise your reviews with stylish integrated affiliate buttons that convert well and don’t look spammy
    • Allow visitors to leave their own complete review via comments
    • Inbuilt rich snippets to show review data in Google/Bing/etc search results
    • Add unlimited amount of pros/cons/affiliate buttons to each review
    • Set default options for new reviews, including the criterias/design/format/animation/accent color/location/etc.

    In Zeen > Theme Options > Mail Subscriptions – f you enable the ‘Trigger When Leaving Site’ option. You will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when user tries to leave the site, the newsletter popup will appear. If the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that popup in that way again.

    Timed Popup

    In Zeen > Theme Options > Timed Popup – if you enable the ‘Timed Popup’ option. You will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when the popup appears and the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that popup in that way again.

    Sliding Promo Boxes

    In Zeen > Theme Options > Sliding Promo Box – if you enable the Sliding Promo Boxes you will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when the sliding promo box appears and the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that box again.

    Top Bar Message

    In Zeen > Theme Options > Top Bar Message – if you enable the ‘Top Bar Message’ option. You will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when the top bar message appears and the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that top bar message again.

    Other General Features

    Zeen has so many powerful options and clever features, you really need to click around inside the demos to explore them all. Here is small list of random general features:

    • Lightning fast Live Search Ajax in two styles: Full-screen modal or dropdown
    • Login Screen Logo And Dark Skin Design
    • Compatible with latest PHP versions, including PHP 7.3
    • Tipi Font with multiple custom exclusive icons (Included Free)
    • Tipi Builder Blocks to showcase any image shape: Landscape, portrait or square images.
    • Built-in Middle Of Content “See also” block
    • Automatic Retina Images
    • Modern Schema Integration
    • Main menu can have a logo in multiple designs, including an option to make it hang off of the main menu for a stylish effect.
    • You can set any site width you like
    • Blank page template included (no Header or footer loaded) for advanced users who want to build something on a blank canvas
    • Modern, easy and powerful fully-frontend theme options that lets you visualise every change you make before having to publish the changes
    • Theme options changes can be saved as drafts or scheduled to publish at X date
    • Highly responsive design. Looks great on every screen size and type
    • Extra clean, ultra modern and unrivalled dynamic design
    • Optional separate logo to appear in main navigation bar
    • Integrated breadcrumb with rich snippet data
    • Option to turn on/off hover zoom effects on sliders/grids
    • Option to turn off By Line completely, or just disable specific parts of the By Line (Author, Date, Category, Comments)
    • Background Ads (clickable site background on the sides/above) system to increase monetisation possibilities
    • Completely Retina Ready (HD theme)
    • Zeen is WPML compatible and translation ready. Comes with .mo/.po files to easily translate into any language. Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian (Bokmål), Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and French are already translated & included.
    • RTL ready. If your site uses an RTL language, the theme will automatically adapt to be RTL
    • Boxed Or Full-Width options for every major block
    • Unique mega menu system with multiple options to make each menu different
    • Login With Ajax integration and gorgeous styling
    • World-exclusive Tipi Builder bundled in
    • Built-in Gutenberg styling
    • To Top button option designs
    • Post Like (Heart) system to show which posts your visitors love the most. Optional.
    • Set up to 3 fonts and specify which one the different site elements use (Limit of 3 different fonts is set for performance reasons, as more than that can make your site really slow)
    • Access to the all Google fonts
    • Access to the Typekit fonts
    • Can also use custom/self-hosted fonts
    • Option to turn off About The Author box in theme options and override option in individual posts
    • Integrated related posts with multiple design options
    • All demos are included with every purchase so you can easily import them to play around.
    • Integrated lightweight tooltip with multiple options
    • Integrated stylish lightbox
    • Paginated posts and pages
    • SEO-Ready. Theme coded by SEO specialist, meaning everything is set as it should be.
    • Zero errors on the official W3 Validation Tool
    • Supreme performance, multiple Zeen demos score a perfect 100/100 score.
    • Custom Sidebars for your categories, tags, custom taxonomies, posts, pages or homepage.
    • Schema Review Rich Snippet Microdata
    • Schema Author Rich Snippet Microdata
    • Detailed documentation that will continually get updated as users ask different things.

    Social Networks

    Zeen comes with a plethora of social networks at your disposal. These include: Tiktok, Facebook, Patreon, Unsplash, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Steam, Linkedin, Dribbble, Medium, Discord, Vimeo, RSS, Tumblr, Telegram, VK, QQ, Weibo and Whatsapp.

    Plugin Compatibility

    Zeen was strictly coded following WordPress’ coding standards and best practices to ensure extremely high compatibility rates with almost any plugin. In other words, if a plugin works on TwentySeventeen theme (WordPress default theme), then you can be 99.9% certain it will work the same in Zeen. If you find a plugin incompatible with Zeen for whatever reason, simply contact Codetipi with the details and if it is a theme issue, it will 100% be fixed.

    Here is a very small list of some plugins that the theme has been tested with:

    • Co-Authors Plus
    • SEO by Yoast
    • Jetpack
    • Gutenberg
    • Elementor
    • Visual Composer
    • Duplicate Posts
    • Wp Use Avatar
    • Simple Local Avatars
    • Force Regenerate Thumbnails
    • Login With Ajax
    • WordPress Social Login
    • Disqus
    • Facebook Comments
    • Sensei
    • WooCommerce
    • Buddypress
    • WPML
    • bbPress
    • Subtitles
    • AMP
    • Instant articles
    • MailChimp For WP
    • Contact Form 7
    • Let’s Review
    • Let’s Info Up
    • Let’s Live Blog

    Right To Left (RTL)

    The theme is RTL-ready, meaning that if your site is set to use a Right To Left language, the theme will automatically work in RTL, you don’t need to do anything.

    Follow Codetipi

    Don’t miss out on any Codetipi news, updates or announcements. Follow Codetipi:

    • Codetipi Official Site
    • Codetipi on Facebook
    • Codetipi on Twitter
    • Codetipi on Dribbble

    Suggestions for future updates? Help shape Zeen’s future.

    Zeen was built for you. Every single customer suggestion/request will be considered and many will be implemented. Zeen is going to keep adding new amazing goodies and your suggestions will shape the direction. So make sure to join the Zeen mastermind community group (Free to join with a valid license) and get involved. Zeen is here for the long term.

    WordPress Magazine Theme

    Zeen is a next generation news and personal blog WordPress Theme for 2021. Don’t miss out, upgrade today:

    Zeen WordPress Magazine Theme Introduction

    Thanks for reading.

    Zeen's earth shattering plan, adaptability and little expectatin to absorb information make it ideal for destinations of any size, from the greatest to the littlest. Zeen is the ideal WordPress subjec for any magazine, blog, paper, individual journal, photograph stories destinations and even all out complex WooCommerce shops. t is additionally can be utilized as a completely fledged subsidiary topic because of all the offshoot choices and usefulness included. :) 

    The Zeen demos would all be able to be imported with a single tck and gives motivation on how the subject might actually be utilized on a site of any specialty, including innovation, food, videogame, negligible, individual, way of life and design. Highlights from the demos would all be able to be blended and coordinated as well. 

    Tipi Builder (World Exclusive) 

    The cutting edge Tipi Builder application (included free) permits you t transform all your innovative thoughts into genuine delightful formats that would then be able to be utilized on your landing page, lassification pages, label pages and even custom scientific categorizations pages. The Tipi Builder is really an industry distinct adantage that will improve your work process and increment the pleasure you get from keeping up your site. A great deal of site propritors by and large try not to make changes to their destinations (especially the landing page) out of dread of breaking something or asically in light of the fact that their present strategy is done through an excessively intricate developer with burdensome client exerience. Tipi Builder changes the entirety of this. Beginning with a delightful present day interface that is simple, amazing and joy to utilie. It is 100% frontend and permits clients of any level to become stars after one full meeting. The Tipi Builder opens up additional oppotunities to serenely explore different avenues regarding designs/alternatives as you possibly need to distribute when you are 10% glad and prepared. Watch the Tipi Builder top to bottom first look video to see it in real life. Here are an only a couple features: 

    Potentially the littlest expectation to absorb information of any WordPress manufacturer ever constructed. On the off chace that you watch the whole introduction video here you'll have all the information you require to utilize the manufacturer like a genius. 

    Everythin is incorporated and opened. No "bolted overhauls" that require a membership or additional installments to open more highlights. 

    Squares can be st to show posts/pages/items and even custom post sorts, which in the event that you have any, will naturally show up as an alternative. 

    Squares look incredible immediately without modifying anything or compose custom css code. 

    Gigantic measure of square out-of-the-case, including ones for matrices, sliders, video players, source of inspiration, catches, Instagram, Twitch livestream Author, blockquotes, and so on Client solicitations and recommendations will shape the kind of squares included the future updates. 

    Import/Export formats to rapidly re-utilize your plans, make reinforcements or offer with different clients. 

    Worldwide No Duplicates alternative 

    Each square can be set to stack/not burden on portable and burden/not urden on work areas, permitting you to make totally extraordinary work area/versatile designs on the off chance that you wish 

    A really expert premium manufacturer incorporated that anybody can figure out how to utilize 

    Utilize the Tipi Builder for your landing page/pages/class/tag/custom scientific categorization pages as well 

    Can be utilized on a site that utilizes Gutenberg without any issues 

    The most natural and progressed developer ever constructed to rapidly make your fantasy site.

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